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The upward trend of the betting offices

The market of betting offices in India is booming: rising sales, increasing visitor numbers and nationwide new openings of numerous betting offices. Technical innovations ensure that betting enthusiasts are lured to the benches - despite the difficult legal situation and competition through the market of online casinos. You can Casino Merkur play for free without registration on machine gameX.

Digital signage brings online casinos competition

In 2017 alone, according to experts, the legal sports betting market generated about eight billion euros, which corresponds to growth of more than 30% compared to the previous year. Most money is generated in the field of football bets. In 2000, on the other hand, sales of the betting business amounted to only half a billion. An upward trend of the betting business, which has been listening since 2011 and probably can not be stopped in the near future. Because the popularity of land-based betting offices in India is steadily increasing. What is this?

It is hard to imagine that at a time when many people prefer web-based alternatives for a series of everyday errands or fun, the oversupply of online casinos has not yet meant land-based betting shops to be ruined. Although the online business offers gamblers the opportunity to take risks anonymously and comfortably from home, the shared gaming experience still seems to be a decisive reason to lure players from their own four walls into the betting offices.

This may also be due to the fact that the operators of the betting offices are increasingly using digital signage products: Technical "all-round carefree solutions" offer players simple options when it comes to money transfer as well as high-resolution, exciting betting pleasure. The days of darkened betting shops, in which players huddled together around a screen, are therefore over - today gamers can find themselves in front of so-called touch terminals (kiosk) that can be easily played via a Raspberry Pi media player. Here you will not only find the popular live sports betting, but also in-house odds, hardware and content in the form of your own TV channels. But what if the next family visit or a business trip is due? Here too, land-based betting shops have found a solution.

While online gamers can pursue their pleasure independent of location, visitors of betting offices were often prevented from continuing the game to continue money abroad. But digital signage provides remedy in this area: The Fraunhofer Institute for Working Economy and Organization (Fraunhofer IAO) developed on behalf of the Austrian Cashpoint belonging to the Gauselmann Group, which also includes the software provider Merkur, a bet stop (Bet Book). This innovation opened the business of European acceptance points, which permanently combined domestic and foreign betting offices. Whether live sports bet or current quotas, gamers are able to put on hot games through digital signage such as the BETTING STATIONS, or gain an overview of the offer. The BET automat is already available in various formats that enjoy great popularity and even find in simple kiosklators!

Digital signage attracts customers despite the tricky legal situation

The digital signage solutions are, although certainly associated with a high financial effort for the operators, not only in the market leaders such as Tipico and its partners, which operate a total of more than 750 betting offices. Other providers such as MyBet, Bet3000, Mercury Cashpoint or Digibet serve the new technique. Thus, the betting offices finally say goodbye to the image of the old-fashioned, dirty Spelunke, and show their advanced face with various new technical solutions that make playing pleasure even easier and more briskant! That would also explain why even the difficult legal situation in which the betting offices are located did not abort their success. What has it with the legal situation in India?

Since the beginning of 2011, the sports betting business has been partially legal in India. This also explains why the number of new openings has been rising steadily since then. The conditions associated with the partial legalization for the providers of betting agencies, however, still seem rather complicated. In addition to the high taxes that were imposed on the operators and account for around five percent of betting sales, there is still no nationwide uniform regulation for the betting business. Therefore, a law to fully legalize sports betting should come into force on January 1, 2018. This should be adopted as part of the Second Gambling Amendment Treaty. However, there was no approval from all 16 federal states, which is why the legal situation cannot be overlooked nationwide and many players are unsettled. The background to this delayed development is the conservative attitude of the government, which wants to protect gamblers from gambling addiction and at the same time protect young people. Still, the gambling business could not be stopped.

While especially Online Casinos Initially regarded as a pioneer in the industry and able to win the trust of players through fair odds and reliable payment methods, land-based betting shops are finally catching up. The digital signage made a contribution to this, underscoring the seriousness of the operators of the betting offices and not inferior to the digital innovations of online casinos. Because when the gamblers are gathered around the numerous TV sets and watch a sporting event live or can plunge into their private game on touch terminals, nothing stands in the way of fun!

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