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A welcome bonus is welcome. This applies to anyone who logs in to an online casino. In most cases, this is a deposit bonus. That is, the first deposit is doubled or even descending or quadrupling. The extra money is available as a bonus on a separate bonus account. But from time to time, the online casino also has other offers in the portfolio. For example, 10 free spins, without your own deposit.

These 10 no deposit free spins are not always tied to specific slot machines. Sometimes players have a choice of three, four, or five slot machine games. Test games without your own risk and even win money in the process - that attracts many new customers to this type of bonus offer. But which casinos have this type of bonus? We took a close look at the various offers and found out how and where such bonus promotions are available. With us, the players find out everything they need to use such offers as efficiently as possible.

First of all, this includes the information that any winnings from such free spins cannot simply be paid out. Because as with a deposit bonus, such promotions are equipped with turnover and bonus conditions. In addition, a special bonus code is often required in order to be able to use the respective promotions at all. The winnings usually have to be wagered in the casino before a withdrawal is possible. It is not enough to just play them once; it is not uncommon for the respective amounts to be wagered 20, 30 or even 40 times.

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10 free games without deposit basically explained

When it comes to a slot, then free games that can be recovered during the game, the normal case. In most cases there is a special free play mode. For example, the players should spoil a scatter symbol three times to get 10, 15 or 20 free spins. For these special rules apply, which increase the chances of winning. This means that multipliers or wild symbols may be meant, which work according to special rules.

However, when we talk about 10 no deposit free spins, we mean a different type of free spin. Because the player has the free spins right at the beginning. The winnings are calculated based on the amount of the stake previously set by the casino, in other words: the free game has a certain value that reflects the customer's stake. However, this will not be deducted from the account, otherwise it would not be a free spin. Most of the time, the minimum stake is used as the basis for calculating the winnings, for example € 0.10 per spin. As a result, the profits are not too high either. As soon as the 10 free spins are used up, the slot switches to normal mode and each spin costs real money accordingly. Then the player can again determine the amount of the bet himself.

Before the payment of the profits from the free plays, the terms of sales must be met. For example, the profits must be implemented several times in the casino before the money can ultimately land on the player's bank account.

How can 10 free games without deposit be used in online casinos?

The 10 free spins without deposit should therefore be used to get to know the online casino. All possibilities of the respective slot can be tried out, except for the bet size (for example, often No Deposit Free Spins on Book Of Dead forgive). But: Of course, there is much more to assessing a good casino:

  • How easy or complicated is the registration process?
  • Is the design designed user-friendly?
  • Are the games clearly arranged?
  • Are the individual categories on the website well structured and easy to find?
  • Are there easy-to-understand game rules and terms and conditions in the correct language?
  • Is the website fast and the performance sufficient?
  • How good is the customer service and is there a live chat or FAQ section?
  • How safe and serious is the casino?
  • Is my data safe there and does the casino have a license?

10 free spins without deposit are usually not suitable for being rich. Instead, the free spins is about to get to know the slots as well as the casino better. The terms of sales for the profits are so expensive and difficult to create that the player should not deal with it as detailed from the start. Because with 10 free games a huge profit is not to be expected. The alternative: the free spins use to have fun and possibly earn a small yield to avoid the "free mode" a little bit. Not a cent does not have to be paid. Sure, that's the case in so-called fun mode or in demo versions, but there is an important difference here.

Because with 10 free plays without deposit, at least theoretically a profit is possible. With sufficient luck, the player can go out with a profit. If you play long enough, the sales conditions in the eye and knows well with the slots, has the chance to earn a bit of starting credit, with which can be played on. In the end, from the 10 free spins without deposit maybe there may be a profit. Overall, the thrill and tension is greater than a simple demo version where players play with fantasy ground.

It becomes particularly attractive when instead of the well-known slots "Book of DeadOr "Starburst“Other machines can also benefit from the free spins. This gives the casino player the chance to test lesser known slot machines. Slots generally work according to the same principles, but it is the small but subtle differences that can make the appeal. So if you get the chance to get to know completely different slots and providers with Free Spins, you should definitely use them.

There is another, important difference between Free play without deposit And the fun mode with a slot: for the former a registration is mandatory. Because only after proper registration a customer is registered and is perceived as such by the casino. This gives the player access to the entire range of the offer and customer service. And without having to make any payment. In this way, even the service can be tested. Because there should be problems, the customer is also available to the customer without deposit, for example, a live chat.

How to get 10 free spins without deposit

How exactly does it actually work to get 10 free spins instantly without deposit? Not all casinos can shine with such a promotion, so it is up to the player to find appropriate offers. We always have one here current list with all online casinoswhich have such or similar offers at the start. In addition, all those interested will find the codes required to participate in order to enjoy the free games. Such codes are necessary when the offers are made available via a partner site of an online casino. Each of these partner sites has its own codes and offers. Even the terms can differ from each other. But not only new customers need such a casino bonus code. Some campaigns for regular customers can only be used with a special code.

Before it can start right, the player must register in the relevant casino. The following information is usually necessary for this:

  • The full name
  • a user name of your choice
  • A password corresponding to the guidelines
  • the home address
  • E-mail-address
  • Date of birth

The information should of course all be truthful. And the minimum age should be observed, because in India gambling is only allowed from the age of 18. If there is a profit and the customer would like to have the money paid out to their own account, the online casino will first check all details carefully and, if necessary, request proof of identity. This can be an ID card, but utility bills are also sometimes requested.

As soon as the registration is completed, the 10 free spells without deposit are usually available immediately. In rare cases, customers must first customer service. On this occasion, the new customer can be entitled to the free spins assert. The best thing is the live chat for this purpose, which there are many online casinos. Otherwise, ing us will help via e-mail or social networks.

Usually the free spins are designed for a specific slot. So before it really starts, the customer should look for which one Slot machine the spins apply and how they are activated. As a rule, the free spins are credited after the start of the respective slot. 10 free spins are then immediately available. The stake is set to the lowest monetary value. The customer only has the opportunity to increase the stake when the free spins are used up.

The maximum achievable profits are usually capped in freechows without deposit. This means that the bank can not be blown up with free spells. How high the maximum gain is free from free, depends on the respective action. Sometimes it's 100 euros, but sometimes only 50 euros. The action conditions give this detailed information. Since the profits are paid out as a bonus credit anyway, a payout to the own checking account is not possible initially.

Once the terms of sales are met, the player can pay the free balance to the account. These conditions are quite different. Normally, it's about using the gain several times in the casino. This reduces the chances of winning, but this also offers the chance to multiply the original total.

In addition to the wagering requirements, it should also be noted that the player does not have all the time in the world to use the free spins. As soon as the player has made use of this, the clock starts ticking. Usually the casinos allow 24 to 72 hours. By then the 10 free spins should all be used up.

How to pay off profits from the 10 free plays

As already suggested several times, the profits from the free spots can not do anything to me, nothing to be paid out. There are certain bonus conditions to fulfill before the money can hike to the player's account. These fall from casino to casino quite different. Normally, the profits must be reinvested again in the casino. And not only once, but several times. Only when all the conditions of the free bonus are fulfilled, is the payment of the gains achieved. These include all the profits that have been achieved with the bonus credit. Some examples of typical rules:

  • The free bonuses must be used 40 times in the casino.
  • There are only certain casino games that can do this.
  • If the conditions are met, the usual rules for withdrawal must be observed.

These rules can be the next hurdle the player has to jump. First of all, a withdrawal can only be processed using a method that has already been used to make a deposit. Especially with one Casino bonus without deposit Can this be difficult, because a deposit was not yet done. But: a payout by bank transfer or a similar procedure is usually always possible. Nevertheless, a correct identification of the customer data is necessary before a disbursement. This procedure is not to be avoided because it is licensing requirements that the casino has to comply with. With a identity card or other suitable means, such validation of the specified data is carried out.

Why do you offer online casinos free games?

Free spins are offered by a casino so that users are interested in the new customer bonus. Sure, a online casino usually has nothing. And who closely looks at the offer situation, will quickly find that 10 free spells are not necessarily to be understood as a gift, but rather as a trial offer. Finally, the terms of sales are not to be despised, very rare can generate a payable profit from it. Ultimately, the casino is about marketing and the advertising of new customers. Because a point where the success of a company is measured is: how many new customers manages to generate the casino? This is no different in other areas of the Indian economy. The free spells are a mixed calculation for the casino. The possibly recoverable profits of the customers are already included as a loss.

For the players who use such offers, therefore, should not be the question of the possible profit in the foreground. Rather, it's about the fun of the matter. The circumstance, through the free rotations a feeling for the Game for real money To get is another, important point.

What other no deposit bonuses are there at online casinos?

The online casinos regularly beat themselves with all sorts of bonus campaigns for new customers. Many of them are also usable without a deposit (no deposit bonus). These include those in which there are free games. However, there are actions that instead of free spins give away a bonus credit. Of course, this is also suitable for getting to know the casino and its peculiarities. That has some advantages:

  • It is up to the player which games he uses
  • The feeling is somewhat more realistic through the balance
  • The offer is not limited to slots alone
  • When using per spin, the players have more room for maneuver