Sports betting bonus - what is it and where can I find the best one?

There are providers on the internet that are 100% accurate Focus on sports betting and there are providers where gambling enthusiasts can find a mix of online casino and sports betting. However, all of these providers have one thing in common: They usually offer a sports betting bonus. They use it to attract new customers, while not forgetting loyal regular players and therefore providing appropriate promotions and campaigns.

However, the bonus amount varies in most cases and therefore you should not put on the first offer. Each of these bonuses is linked to more or less hard bonus conditions that apply before the promotion is payable.

It should also be noted that the sports betting bonus with the highest amount must be the best! It is not always easy to unlock the premium, because the providers have their own views in terms of sales goals that they have to fulfill.

Since there is a large selection of sports betting bonuses, we have taken the trouble to compare the individual offers for you and list all current promotions clearly here. In addition, we provide useful information and answer important questions about the sports betting bonus.

Casino Sports Betting Bonus conditions Visit Casino

50% up to


For new customers

For new customers only. Deposit of at least € 20 required. Deposits via Skrill, NETELLER and ecoPayz are excluded.

100% bonus up to


for sports betting

Only for new customers. Smallest deposit: 20 €. Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz are excluded. The bonus must be a ...

100% up to



Sports betting bonus applies only to new customers. There must be paid at least 10 €. Deposits with Neteller and S ...

100% up to


Welcome bonus

Use only by new customers. Registration with Bet3000 and a minimum deposit of € 10 required. Duration of the action ...


€ 15 Free Bets

Sportwetten Bonus

New highlight bets every week. Regular time result counts. Different bets are available.

100% up to


Sportwetten Bonus

Bonus applies to new members. Registration and minimum deposit of € 10 required. Before paying under "Action ...

2 free bets totaling up to


Sportwetten Bonus

Valid for new customers in the Leovegas. Deposit at least 10 € and place a first bet. Only mobile usable!



For sports betting and casino

Valid identification, at least five bets per promotional period, of which at least two are above the average of ...

up to


Sports betting offer

Place at least one 4-line station wagon with a 1,20 or higher betting rate for each selection. The Karamboost! Will auto ...

Pulse Bet Feature

Additional mobile bets

bei offer

Only available for mobile bets. Only valid for live football bets. Maximum a gate per bet is evaluated.

Sports betting offer on smartphones and tablets


Bonus for new customers within the first 30 days. 20 € minimum deposit required. Bet of at least 10 € and 1, ...

Get one


Free Law

Open a new Karamba Betting Account, pay at least 10 € and then get the 10 € -Gratis bet on a ...

Betsson Sports Betting Bonus 100% up to


and five free bets

As a new customer, open a sports betting account and make a deposit with a minimum amount of € 10.


120 € starter bonus for new customers

The offer is aimed at new customers only. Minimum deposit: € 10, for the full bonus: € 50. No deposits with ...

Receive cashbacks

between 10% and 40%

for e-sports

Register at 1xbet and receive cashback each day by at least 20 bets with quotas of 1.5 or higher.

up to


Sportwetten Bonus

A customer account with Interwetten is a prerequisite. Offer for use on single bets. Manual activation on game day ...

25% AccA bonus bet up to


+ 100% odds boost on the first deposit

Offer applies to new customers only. Deposit at least € 10, activate the bonus and place a combination bet with three selections ...

The various variants of a sports betting bonus

Where sports betting are offered, there is usually a sports betting bonus, but what are it? The most famous promotion is certainly the welcome bonus that every new customer is granted for his registration and first deposit. How much money you receive with him additionally is dependent on the provider.

Often it is one Bonus match, where you receive 100% of the amount paid. So your stake capital doubles. If you deposit € 50, you will receive an additional € 50 and there will be € 100 in your player account. With this amount you can then participate in sports betting. Usually there is a maximum bonus amount and this is often € 100. If you deposit more than € 100 with a 100% sports betting bonus, you will not receive more than the maximum amount of € 100.

Before a promotion of any kind is paid out, it is still necessary to meet all the conditions for which in contrast to one Online Casino Bonus A minimum quota to be considered, which goes very high depending on the provider.

In addition to the welcome bonus, you can find these other promotions:

Free Laws This is a free free bay. It should be noted that only the net profit is payable here and the use remains at the online bookmaker. Free bets are often offered, mostly during great sporting events.
Bonus mobile Many bets are now made via smartphone and what could be more natural than that bookmakers offer special rewards for mobile devices? Here you are mostly dealing with free bets or a cashback bonus.
Reload Boni Reload bonuses are intended for existing customers who make further deposits. Especially players who have not been active for a long time should be animated with this type of sports betting bonus to refill their player account.
Combination betting bonus This is a kind of insurance for a combination bet. It works the same for all online bookmakers. If a bet is wrong on the combination ticket, the player gets his stake back - however, a minimum quota is often required here.
Bonus without deposit Certainly nobody has any money to give away, but sports betting bonuses without a deposit are often offered. With these, the bonus amount is not very high, but it is worth taking. New customers in particular receive such promotions for their registration in order to place their first bets without their own financial risk.

To be considered at All these sports bets bonuses is that each individual is always subject to sales conditions. You always have to be fulfilled before it can come to a payout.

Advantages and disadvantages - What is a good sports betting bonus offer to recognize?

Whether a sports betting promotion is acceptable depends on you and, in particular, on your betting behavior. Because it depends on how often you place bets: every day, several times a week or even just once a month?

Certainly a fair bonus is the desire of each competent. However, you should not only focus on the altitude and assume that the offer is profitable. But it is important that you involve your own competition and further details.

A profitable action is based on a customer on the bonus height, another are important to another bonus conditions and the next focuses on the minimum quota. However, we claim that a profitable sports betting bonus composed of all three aspects:

Prozentualer Wert & maximaler Betrag How much the bonus money turns out depends on your deposit amount. The bookmaker states this in percent, such as 100%. With this percentage he increases the deposit up to a certain maximum amount. It is often € 100.
Minimum quota The sports betting bonus must also like a Online Casino Bonus First be released. It is important to fulfill the betting requirements of the bookie. As a rule, a qualifying bet must have a certain minimum quota, which is counted on the fulfillment of the sales specifications. This is usually between 1.50 and 2.7.
Rollover deadline With almost all providers, the wagering requirements must be met within a certain time limit. Depending on Online sports betting providers This time is between 14 and 90 days to generate the amount to be imported (multiple amount of deposit and / or bonus amount).

Abstract sports betting bonus

You have now received a brief overview of what a sports betting bonus is. In conclusion, we would like to summarize the most important things:

  • The sports betting bonus serves as an incentive to register with an online sports betting provider.
  • A distinction must be made between the different types of sports betting bonus, such as reload bonuses, Cashback Bonus, Free bets.
  • As a rule, you will receive a bonus for your first deposit.
  • Not every sports betting bonus is lucrative for you.
  • How worthwhile a bonus is depends on the sales targets that are linked to the bonus.
  • You can take advantage of free no deposit bets. However, you can only expect small bonus amounts here, which in turn are associated with more or less strict rollover conditions.


Sports betting bonus 100% up to € 100 and five free bets

The Betsson sports betting bonus - 100% up to 100 € and five free-bets

Betsson offers new customers a 100% sports betting bonus, which can be up to € 100. This means that with a deposit of € 100 you can play directly with € 200. You will also receive five free bets worth € 3 each. Le ...

Conditions: As a new customer, open a sports betting account and make a deposit with a minimum amount of € 10.


Pulse Bet - additional mobile bets at Sunmaker

The Pulse Bet feature as a special - additional mobile bets at Sunmaker

All Sunmaker customers who bet on live bets from their smartphones can now experience a particularly exciting betting function. Experience soccer betting up close and live with the Pulse Bet feature - and with a bit of luck and knowledge you will ...

Conditions: Only available for mobile bets. Only valid for live football bets. Maximum a gate per bet is evaluated.


If you lose your bet, you will get your stake back up to € 25

At Interwetten there are money back to the first mobile sports bet

Simply place a single or combination bet on the next football game quickly while on the go? This is no problem at all with the mobile sports betting from Interwetten. And the first bet is completely risk-free. Who is there ...

Conditions: Bonus for new customers within the first 30 days. 20 € minimum deposit required. Bet of at least 10 € and 1, ...


2 free bets with a total value of up to € 100

Leovegas sports betting: Get two free betting for your first bet

Get two free bets as a reward for your first bet at LeoVegas. You will receive the sports bets worth a maximum of € 100 for your first bet. All you have to do is register, your e ...

Conditions: Valid for new customers in the Leovegas. Deposit at least 10 € and place a first bet. Only mobile usable!


Get a 10 € bay

Get a 10 € bay for start at Karamba sports betting

At Karamba Sports Betting you start with a € 10 free bet! This means that you do not receive a deposit bonus here, but a free bet that is awarded on the basis of an initial placement of a sports bet. A whole ...

Conditions: Open a new Karamba Betting Account, pay at least 10 € and then get the 10 € -Gratis bet on a ...

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

⏩ Is the sports betting welcome bonus the same as a casino welcome bonus?

If an explicit welcome bonus is offered for the field of sports betting, this offer is very likely from the casino welcome bonus. Even if the same bonus amount is issued, bets are mainly bet on sports events for the fulfillment of sales requirements.

⏩ Is a combination Booster a sports betting bonus?

Yes, with the Combi Betting Booster, often also simply called Combi Betting Bonus, you get a certain percentage paid out as an additional profit if the combi bet is successful. The more bets there are on the combination bet slip, the higher the bonus surcharge is usually.

⏩ Can I use any bet with a sports betting bonus?

In many cases, a certain minimum bet rate is required if you want to use bonus money in sports betting. The higher this quota, the more options there are when choosing a game. Usually the minimum bet rate is in the range between 1.3 and 2.5.