GameTwist experiences

casino rang: 89 / 100
AVAILABLE for players from the Netherlands
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GameTwist experiences

casino rang: 89 / 100
AVAILABLE for players from the Netherlands
  • Reines Social Gaming Casino
  • Arcade games available
  • Once daily additional gains
  • VIP program with additional bonus prizes
  • Casino app available
  • No payment possible
  • Not a traditional live casino
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Game offer
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Mobile Casino
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Wagering Limits
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Customer support
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Main information
Companies: Funstage
Customer service: E-mail
Selection: 389
Live Casino: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat
Game developer: Novoline
Payment Methods: GiroPay, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, PaysafeCard, Skrill, Immediately, Visa
Live-Chat No
E-mail [email protected]
languages Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Magyar, Ελληνικά, Czech, Português, Slovak, Türkçe
Live Roulette And
Poker room No
Blackjack And
Baccarat And
Bingo / Keno And
Rubbelchard No
eSports Betting No
Sportwetten No
Mobile App And
Accepted payment systems

Gametwist: the most important information at a glance

Gametwist is one of the online casinos that can refer to an amazingly long history. The provider called GreenTube, who also operates the sister portal Stargames, has been active in business since 1998 and offers full-service online casino under the name Gametwist. Anyone who has already made experiences with Gametwist online will certainly confirm our research, which we share in the following report with you. To all others is the heart, the attempt to dare. The GameTwist Casino does not need to shy away from comparison. Anyone who actively shapes the online casino scene has been actively shaping for over 20 years and has such a good reputation can not be bad. We give: Google is not older than the GameTwist Online Casino. Facebook not really.

Companies: FUNSTAGE Game Web Page Operations. M.B.H.
Address: A-1050 Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 94
Telephone: 0900/1410141 (8 – 22)
E-mail: [email protected]

Behind the website of the Gambling Portal is the Funstage Game WebsiteBetriebsgesellschaft M.B.H. based in Vienna, Austria's capital. Quality before quantity is one of the principles that are used here. Who operates his business from Austria, must work legally compliant. Unlike other online casinos, the Gametwist Casino's check of licensing, which fulfills the condition for participation in gambling around real money in the EU. The simple reason: At Gametwist Online you do not play money, but twists. There is - so much anticipation - no profits you could pay off.

Anyone who plays here does this from the love of the game, to entertainment, to get to know the games and explore the game strategies, so that if you really can go somewhere about real money, better chances. This offer is not to be despised. Considering that there are well over 1,000 different casino games. The most allest of us dominate all of them. Alone finding and discovering the favorite games requires extremely much time and practice. Do you want to do this for real money inserts? Or maybe gain experience with gametwist? Where it costs you, if you do not pay all your gifted twists.

The game range of NOVOMATIC is fed, which are present in the market with their brand Novoline. The manufacturer has many games of all genres on offer. Currently, there are a good 70 different ones, which are assigned to the areas of slots, poker, bingo or skill games.

But let us show you what Gametwist Casino has to offer in detail. We present the portal as a whole, based on the observations of our experienced casino testers, who always look particularly carefully.

General about the platform of Gametwist Online Casino

The look of Gametwist online is kept simple. Black background, menu with violet-blue background. All of this is rather straightforward, straightforward, yet elegant and serious. Nothing for detail-loving color freaks or very playful comic lovers. You concentrate on the essentials and want to do it particularly well. This impression fits that the menu is very clear. The games are also easy to find. Simply select the rubric and you will see them all Games kept listed - and without registration. Gametwist Casino doesn't seem to want to hide anything. Like that. Too often at online casinos you have the feeling that you have to look for all the information in the small print of the terms and conditions to be sure that you are not being cheated of your dear money.

The menu shows the following points:

You can also search specifically for a game title if you know what you want. The navigation with Gametwist is not only efficient but also very fast.

The other otherwise frequent and usual menu items such as banking / deposit / bonus / bonus conditions are sometimes away on this page. The reason is simple: Online you do not play for real money gains. You can still deposit money - by following the listed deposit methods at the bottom of the page, if you have used up your Twists and want to buy more. Of something the operator must finally live. Advertising alone is not enough in some cases.

While Real Money Casinos Bonus Program as one of their priorities, Gametwist Casino can do without particularly creative bonuses. Because there are no bonuses, there are no withdrawal conditions. That is the reason why one or the other does not matter and cannot be found here.

The 100% free game is - so honest we should be - limited to individual Gametwist games. You will receive a whole package with Twists after registration - this is the offer for new customers. If this is consumed, you need to buy after you want to use all games. If you do not want to use them, but want to try a completely new game, you have to be satisfied with one of the absolutely free games.

At the bottom of the screen you will find a whole series of tips and tricks from the operator about gambling and the range of Gametwist. That is definitely worth reading. Because while portals that offer real money games have to point out the gambling addiction, you will find here the express advice to use the platform as a training platform as if you were gambling for real money. You should also define time windows and twist limits that simulate the "emergency". Then you get the most profit for yourself.

In this area you will also find out everything about the various games, that they can all be played on mobile devices and that you don't have to do without live casino with live dealer games. In this sense, we follow the expert reports and describe their experiences in other matters.

The game on PC, tablet and smartphone

The games are playable in several ways. While you can access the entire Gametwist online game portfolio directly via your browser and do not have to download or install anything, you can increase the ease of use with different types of mobile devices by installing and using an app. The app makes navigation easier and faster. The functionality is convincing across the board. The only restriction is an internet connection that is too slow if you either have very weak reception or some other apps are fetching data from the network in parallel.

In Puncto app there are two variants. First, a download app and a web app that is slimmer and space-saving. Who decides for what, is a matter of taste.

On the PC, we're used to games running smoothly. They do that in this case too. This is also due to the fact that a desktop is usually connected to a router / modem via cable and the transmission rate to the Internet is very high. Graphics cards, RAM and the like also play a subordinate role in PCs. It is almost logical that Casino Gametwist shines on this point.

Popular casino games at Gametwist

At Gametwist Casino there are primarily games from the manufacturer Novomatic, who owns his brand Novoline in online casinos occurs, originate. The Gametwist slot machines are all elaborately made. Great graphics, classy sound, lots of features and extras. Manufacturers strive to create games that are exciting, varied and anything but boring. They mostly succeed. The developers do something else that not everyone can do by far: Not only slots come from this company, but also table games and other games.

What are slots that many of them could be a term?

As already mentioned, don't just play slot machines In the sense of slots a role, but there are other games in the GameTwist Online Casino, which fall into the category table games, poker, bingo or skill games:

  • Roulette and Live Roulette
  • Blackjack und Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Poker variants and live poker
  • Bingovarianten
  • Vire
  • Knobeln
  • Rommeted
  • Backgammon
  • Solitaire
  • Billiards
  • U.V.M.

The beautiful at Gametwist Casino is that you find more different games than other ordinary online casinos. In particular, the skill games are not necessarily commonplanning on any gambling platforms.

What makes individual games so special?

Let's take an outstanding Game like Book of Ra deluxe as an examplethat you can play at Gametwist. The slots with the name "Book of Ra" now form a whole series of the game. Why? Because it is extremely popular and successful. It begins with the motifs, the world of ancient Egypt, with the pyramids and pharaohs, and ends with the sophisticated mathematics that run in the background of the game. The plot of the game is a tomb of a mighty god who was buried with all imaginable riches. It's about penetrating into the most secret chambers. Because only there are the real treasures waiting. The winning symbols symbolize the way there. Anyone encountering mummies should by no means interpret this as a bad omen. Not at all. They Can Help You Make Magnificent Profits!

So the gameplay revolves around a breathtaking and fascinating chapter in human history. It is difficult to escape these myths. Especially since they were implemented excellently. The symbols are spread over 5 reels. There are 10 paylines. You can expect winnings as soon as you find at least 3 identical symbols - starting from the left edge - lined up along a win line. 5 identical symbols promise the main prize for the respective symbol. The symbol after which the game is named - the Book of Ra - is the so-called scatter symbol. It gives you free spins. And within the free spins you can earn extra winnings with an extended special symbol.

The deluxe version of Book of Ra shines through the winning features of the bonus games. These free spins that you win do not cost any twists and are also free in all other online casinos. How do you get bonus rounds? Simply spin 3 or more scatter symbols - and off you go. These don't even have to appear along a payline. They can be in any position. 10 free spins are the minimum. During the free spins, the random number generator determines a symbol that can be extended to other reels. And even within the free spins there is a chance to spin further free spins. The chance of twists is greater than ever.

Almost tradition in this slot is the possibility to double profits multiple times. After every profit, they decide between risk or "take". At risk you will see a sequence of five cards. You have a 50% chance to guess the color of the next card. If you are right, the profit will doubled and you have the chance to double again, they are wrong, the profit will be retained and it starts from scratch.

The graphical implementation is excellent. The sounds make the experience of a perfect game pleasure, from which one gets hard enough. Games like these just make fun, ensure massive entertainment and positive experiences with Gametwist.

Bonuses, actions and promotions

We already mentioned it at the beginning. Gametwist is not a conventional online casino. It is out of line because there are no real money wins. You use twists and win or lose twists. These twists are also not exchangeable for cash. They are virtual credit balances with which you can play all games for free, so to speak.

Bonus programs like those offered by most online casinos are pointless here. What would be examples of this? A generous welcome bonus that can amount to up to 1,200 euros in bonus credit with correspondingly high first deposits. Or a cash-back bonus, which guarantees that part of the money you play and gamble ends up in your bonus account. Or a deposit bonus that entails free spins on a specific slot for promotional purposes. All of this is pointless here. The simple reason: You don't gamble for money, but for the fun of the game. Gametwist is an inexpensive way to test and play all these ingenious games extensively so that you are prepared for gambling on a land-based casino machine or in a normal online casino.

There is still a small bonus as extra when you sign up at the GameTwist Casino: 30,000 bonus twists wave! Simply enter your email address on the main page, click on "Register" and follow the further steps. You have already secured the starting bonus with which you can get started. In order for your player account to be created, it needs a nickname, a date of birth (for proof of their majority), an email address and password. Furthermore, for registration as a whole you still need the first and last name, a security question, the address, gender and telephone number. You have to make sure you are a real person and play with just one account.

Good possible that Gametwist Casino offers promotions for special games. However, you only see if you keep your eyes open. Maybe there is here and there twists. At the time of writing this article and during the test phase of our professional players, there was nothing like that.

Payment methods at Gametwist

One or the other will think at the point that this chapter is out of the outset. Finally, there is no real money inserts. But if you have read the lines up to this, you know that you still know in the shop of Gametwist Casino Twists, which can be purchased the bonus points, virtual monetary units, if you need. As a customer, as a customer, they have as comfortable as possible, several payment methods are offered as with all other gambling portals.

You can choose from the following payment services:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • Sofortüberweisung

Although there is nothing to win and the number of transactions with this operator will be many times smaller than with the usual portals, all the important options are available to you. And free of charge on top of that. You don't pay any expenses. The minimum payment amounts are also comparatively low. While at many online casinos you can only make deposits from 10 or 20 euros free of charge, here at Gametwist you can do so from 2 euros. Depositing is a simple matter. You click on the payment service of your choice and follow the instructions. The prerequisite for the deposit is that you are a registered user and also logged in at Gametwist Casino. This is logical because otherwise you would not know to whom the credit belongs.

Incidentally, it is pleasing that you can also use PayPal at Gametwist. PayPal is known to be particularly delicate when it comes to choosing a business partner. Dubious gambling providers have no chance here. PayPal is one of the most convenient, safest and fastest types of transactions. This is an asset to you as a player.

The payment of credits

Our test game professionals were undoubtedly whether the need for mentioning this chapter. For the sake of completeness, we lead it. There is no payouts at Gametwist. The reason - in case you have overlooked it: You do not play for real money here. They thus do not give real money and can not pay out real profits. The Twists you buy are virtual game money that allows you to practice and try all slot machines at all. Even if you are still so successful with the Twists and Fortuna says it really well with you. You can not exchange and pay millions of twists against only 10 euros. Therefore, you will not find a menu item "Payout" on the GameTwist platform.

Safety and customer service

Safety and customer service fit into the same section of a review. Both things are somehow related. If an online casino fails with the security regulations, it needs a fast and well-functioning customer service that can help immediately. Or the other way around: If customer service fails, at least the security level should be high enough so that no data is released into the wrong hands.

The programmers take care of the security. All pages in Casino Gametwist are highly encrypted. It can be ruled out that data is lost here. Because the payment services are also integrated in encrypted form and the data is forwarded directly from the customer to the payment service - as encrypted information between sender and recipient - there is no need to worry about losing money. Gametwist shines in this discipline - even though - we cannot emphasize it enough - there are no payouts and higher amounts are probably only rarely transferred.

The operator seems to have small weaknesses in terms of customer service. Our testers often told us that they got help quickly and in a friendly manner if you turned to support with questions, but you can often find criticism of the telephone support in various forums. The main stumbling block is that there is no live chat at Gametwist. That is a shame and spoils the overall impression our testers had gained. Live chat is actually standard today. Anyone who “only” offers telephone and email is considered dusty. In addition, the telephone hotline is extremely expensive and can only be reached 14 hours a day. Too bad. It could also be different.

If you have patience, you should therefore access an e-mail and wait for the answer. Customer service seems to be at least competent. This unanimously confirmed our tester. Worth rewarding is also a look at the FAQ. The most common questions are listed there together with answers.

Our conclusion on Gametwist

GameTwist is for one a whine disappointment, for the others a welcome variety. Disappointed are all those who have the following sensation: "I buy money credit and can never pay off profits."

It is clear to us that opinions are divided about philosophy. But at the same time it is something that suits the second group mentioned. Anyone who wants to test many of the games extensively and without restrictions at Gametwist online can do so for very low costs. It simulates the real money game by handling the virtual money, the Twists, as if it were amounts in euros. He plays and keeps an eye on the clock so he can see if he has any signs of gambling addiction or not. He practices games he is interested in and only wagers once he has worked out his personal winning strategy. Don't let the fun spoil you just because you don't find huge welcome bonuses. The focus here is on having fun.

In serious and large, the portal is already, because you do not make a secret from that you will never win only a single euro. The games are market-compliant slot machines of all genres from the Giant Novomatic. Playable are the games with each device. You can acquire Twists in many ways. The fact that Gametwist is torn in many forums as a bad platform has the background that you can not win anything. There are also isolated signs that the winning probability is actually adapted here and there, so the players can not generate any number of twists.

For such statements that are not subject to the origins of the word messages, our testers could not find any significant hints. Credit increased and shrank in a similar dimension, as it also at others Online Casinos always the case. This does not affirm these allegations, but does not exclude them. Fun had the testers. In it they agreed. The games knew to convince. This portal is recommended this portal Gametwist so for all those who just want to play cost-effectively until free, without wanting to win money.