Spin Palace Casino Experiences

casino rang: 93 / 100
AVAILABLE for players from Sweden
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Spin Palace Casino Experiences

casino rang: 93 / 100
AVAILABLE for players from Sweden
  • Extensive selection of games
  • Progressive jackpots on offer
  • Daily offers and loyalty program
  • App for mobile devices available
  • Customer service available around the clock
  • High sales requirements
  • Few software manufacturers
  • No telephone customer service
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Game offer
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Live Casino
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Main information
Companies: Bayton Ltd. and Baytree Ltd. (CityViews Group)
Gambling license: Malta Gambling Authority, Kahnawake Gambling Authority
Customer service: Live-Chat, E-Mail
Selection: 250
Live Casino: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker
Game developer: Microgaming
Payment Methods: Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Visa
Website: spinpalace.com
Live-Chat And
E-mail [email protected]
languages English, български, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Español, Suomi, Français, 日本語, Lietuvių, Latviešu, Norsk, Polski, Русский, Türkçe, العربيه
website www.spinpalace.com/de
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Poker room And
Blackjack And
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Bingo / Keno And
Rubbelchard And
eSports Betting No
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Spin Palace Casino Rating 2021

What can be said in advance about Spin Palace Casino?

Many players like to rely on this website. Since 2001 she has been on the market and has managed to build a constant and very good reputation since then.

The progressive jackpot and customer service are special features of this gaming site. The operator of the site states that the highest jackpot was paid out in the amount of over 6.9 million euros. A really big sum. The customer support is available 24/7 for the customers of the site.

So all in all a very good performance. The site's first appearance is also a pleasant one. Because this looks very friendly and manageable. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find many important arguments that should help you with this Online Casino Fast sign up.

So read further, you should consider it to register here.

We will present something more specific to some fields and present a few more information that will continue to go into detail.

A rough introduction to the game offer of the page 9/10

In itself, there are not so many special features to report here. The more games there are, the better for all those who want to use them, that's very clear.

So first of all it is worth taking a look at the amount and diversity of the offer in this area. And of course, Spin Palace Casino has already thought of a few things here.

It offers the Slot machine On, you also call video slots, that you almost used to get used to many other online gambling halls. Also Blackjack And roulette are provided here.

Below we want to look a little more accurate on the game offer and put the Spin Palace Casino test for a while.

The different slot machines

You can probably confidely say that you go to the standard repair tool Online Casinos include: the video slots. In Indian we call you or slot machines. They used to be very simple and kept simple.

The first versions of these machines simply had 3 rollers that have turned as soon as the machine has been triggered. Maximum retro, as you can only imagine, were on this different fruits and the Lucky 7.

There was only one line of wins and it was only possible to play in the trusted casino around the corner.

Nowadays we are already a few steps further, because from the conventional machine has now built a whole universe. Meanwhile, the digital brothers and sisters of the first roll game machine have further fanned the bandwidth. The topics are now ranging from football towards known films or ethnologies.

For a long time it's no longer just 3 reels, but rather 5 or 7 or even more.

The digital world has expanded the possibilities. The Spin Palace Casino experience also shows that this online casino also tries to provide a wide range of slot machine games for its customers.

Microgaming supports the website energetic here and provides many of its own machines. These include Forbidden Thunder, Mayan Princess, Reel Thunder, Dragon Dance or Hellboy.

All of the above slot games can be found at this company.

Surely there are other gambling halls that can still provide much more machine games, but with a selection like the Spin Palace Casino, it will surely survive a while. So do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with one or the other slot machines on this website. You may think that your favorite design could be. Maybe a plant motif, a world of fruits or the movie Jumanji?

For everyone here is certainly what is our impression and the search function and the well-assorted menu you can quickly find the right slot.

The payout ratio for all machines is over 97%.

Live Roulette

The popular Roulette game If one or the other is certainly already known from the conventional casino area. Also in the live casino area of Spin Palace Casinos we find this game again. Whether European or American roulette, they decide themselves.

The rules of the game are sure to familiarize most people here. A small steel ball is rolled into a boiler in which different number fields are located. These fields are black or red colored and alternately occur.

You can bet on one of the 37 numbers as well as on a color. You can also bet on even and odd numbers.

The statement about what to bet on is made before the dealer puts the ball in the bowl. Depending on where the ball lands, you have either won or lost, should the statement either come true or not.

The live dealer is connected via webcam. He is the moderator in the game, so to speak, and helps you through the game. You should try a game of live roulette and take advantage of the Live Casinos thus experienced.

Black Jack

This true classic game in the casino area is certainly one of the most stylish games and also included in the site's repertoire. The Spin Palace Casino not only offers Black Jack as a conventional variant in which you play against the system. Also in Live Casino Is there the opportunity to play Black Jack.

The concept of the game is very simple. You have to get as close as possible to the number 21. Even in the best case scenario, you should get much closer to this number than the dealer you are playing against.

The game will be interesting from the point on which one understands which cards are to be kept and which are not. From which point do you give up his deck and from which you take another card?

Even if it seems to be a gambling for many people, it is in the end also Black Jack a strategy game. You can hone your strategy by playing a few rounds at Spin Palace Casino. This is how you learn the logic it takes to progress through the game. Feel free to read a little into the stochastics behind this probability game.


Poker is also offered at Spin Palace Casino. Similar to Black Jack, this game can be played in the conventional variant, which then runs against the system, i.e. also against the live dealer.

Poker is one of the games, which already knows the allerman games friends. Even though it seems to be very easy to be easy, behind this game hides a complex math, over which it is worth knowing a little closer to know.

Poker is a very exciting affair for many people. There are some people who operate this gambling sport only for fun and the knowledgeable that they put larger sums of money due to their infringements. For others, it is again the intake of millions. Because yes it gives you, the players who are very detailed in detail with the topic of poker and understand the logic very accurately and thus depend on other players.

At Spin Palace Casino, the software for the live poker area is provided by Evolution Gaming. This type of poker is video poker, which is not the same as sitting at a table with other players.

Video poker is played either against a bot or the live dealer.

Live Casino 10/10

The live casino offer is always a very special feature, no matter which one Online Casino You are currently located. Because alone the opportunity to feel from home from nearly real casino pleasures is really a wonderful thing. The technical effort is certainly not enormous, yet it is a great way from the casinos to make the online gambling a little more exciting.

In the Spin Palace Casino there is a rich selection of games offered as a live variant. Besides Black Jack, Poker and Roulette We also find the opportunity to play Baccarat. The software is offered by the Game Provider Evolution Gaming and makes a high-resolution and reasonable impression.

Overall, the Spin Palace Casino focused on quality in this area and you can certainly feel that in every nook and cranny. So if normal gambling is no longer enough for you from a certain point, you should definitely visit the live games to get a little variety and new excitement into everyday gaming.

Because it is certain that it is a special feature of an online gambling hall if it offers the possibility to communicate with a live dealer via webcam and to have his game moderated by him.

Other games

As one of the most important segments of this page, Spin Palace Casino itself states that it has a valuable section that is offered solely for the progressive jackpot.

A considerable sum of several million euros is recruited as the highest profit on the home of the operator. Of course, it is a single case and we want to certainly not propagate at this point that exactly you will be the one or the next one or the such a high jackpot.

Nevertheless, it shows us what considerable sums in one Online Casino, as in our case, are possible.

So feel free to try out the progressive jackpot. You may also be able to hit the next jackpot.

It is also important that the progressive jackpot as another game robe of this site represents another offer and thus means even greater variety as a result. Who makes it too boring with the rest of the play, which can pick up fresh tension in the jackpot.

Die Spin Palace Casino App 9/10

The operator of the page indicates that there is a specially designed app that allows one to take gambling with on his phone. In this case, devices from both large manufacturers of smartphone operating systems can be played Apple and Google with their own app.

The good thing about an app like this is that it is tailor-made for the particular system the phone is being operated with. A web version that runs on your own phone is not bad, but not as optimized for your own mobile device.

Most games that are also known from the benefit of Spin Palace Casinos are also included in the app. So she is a wonderful way to use his favorite games as well with on the way.

So if it is no longer enough to just sit on your desktop PC and spend your gambling moments online there, you can look forward to a mobile solution that allows you to take the casino joys with you on the go. So you are no longer tied to any place, around the many , Roulette, Black Jack and Co enjoy. Use this advantage of the Online Casinos. The app scored very well in the test.

The software and game providers in the Spin Palace Casino 7/10

As soon as you stay in the online casino environment for a while, you quickly notice that some of the big providers seem to repeat themselves over and over again. In itself, we consider this a good thing. Because this enables us and also the players to make a kind of evaluation. Valuation here means a classification according to quality. Because you can safely assume that big brands with a good reputation want to adorn themselves and therefore give a lot to design their games to be of high quality.

We also find several of these names at Spin Palace Casino.

For example, the game developer Evolution Gaming, also one of these large brands, provides the entire Live Casino area in this online games market presented here. The webcams of the dealers are transmitted with high quality. The quality shows itself in the good resolution of the pictures and also in the transmitted sound.

Furthermore, we also find the name Microgaming in the scrapbles. Also this name is one of the big ones. So this segment can also be assumed that we will find a proper serving of value.

You will also find other big names at, for example Slot machine crossing ways.

The security and license with which the site can be operated 10/10

When it comes to security, it is usually worth taking a closer look. Because the online casino that you choose should provide a high level of protection, especially when transferring the data. In the usual case, the customer's data in the casino is encoded using 128-bit SSL encryption. The payment data can therefore only be read with difficulty by third parties if they are sent from one side to the other.

The Spin Palace Casino also states in the terms and conditions to secure the players' data via such encryption.

Another very important matter for the Online Casinos is the license under which you even get permission from an authority to be allowed to offer the entire game of chance. There are different licenses of this kind. The hardest to obtain are the Malta Gaming Authority License and the Gibraltar Gambling License.

In the case of Spin Palace Casino, the Malta Gaming Authority License was acquired. As the name already suggests, this is awarded from Malta. As a player in such casinos, you should always make sure that the online casino of your choice has a valid license. Only with this a website that appears as such an online casino may even operate as a legal website.

Another important category on security is the section of safe play. It should now be absolutely belonging to the standard redpertoire of a casino page to advise its customers on gambling addiction extensively. After all, it is not uncommon in the area of gambling that individual people do not stop their actions under control. Which inserts are made in which height and how high fall out?

It is important to always ask yourself whether you are still able to freely make the decision about how much to play and how much to bet. The greed for happiness should not be underestimated and has certainly drawn one or the other into the addiction.

So use the extensive supply of the casino pages. Be sure to use them in the Spin Palace Casino.

The Spin Palace Casino customer support 9/10

We certainly did not shy away from taking a closer look at this other important section of the online casino presented here, so we did it again: The Spin Palace Casino test, here in the customer service area.

The customer support is something like the intersection between the digital appearance of the site, which certainly seems to be quite lively at one point or another, and the people behind the site. The customer service is the connection between the one very real and incarnate person who calls himself a player and the other many people who hide behind such a website.

The very abstract world of the internet can lead to much confidence with good customer service. Our Spin Palace Casino experiences are very good at this point. You have to say that customer service on this website is deletably composed of different components.

The FAQ area should be named here. Often the fastest and first remedy when you have a question that you will certainly not be the first and only to ask. The FAQ area lives from the fact that many people ask themselves similar questions. Because many questions have already been asked, some important answers have already been formulated. "Frequently Asked Questions" means the abbreviation and means: Frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, there is the traditional variant to achieve customer service via an e-mail form. The method is certainly with the widespread. On the website of the Spin Palace Casinos you will find all the necessary information in the "Contact" area to get to this point.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the live chat here. This is a fast and reliable variant to achieve customer service in real time. Since most people with chats know more very well, this variant is sure to be the most convenient for many.

In times of messengers and social media, the majority of Western civilization is a professional in tapping. This ability will certainly help with the Live Chat of the customer support.

So you can confidently trust the Spin Palace Casino. Customer support is on a good stand and thus your requests will be processed safely and quickly.

However, there is one shortcoming: there is no telephone with customers.

The different payment methods in the Spin Palace Casino 8/10

In this point, too, we have had our very own Spin Palace Casino experience. It is just not insignificant how many different payment methods a website can offer. The more payment methods the better, because the more different customers can be reached. People just love flexibility.

Let's take a closer look at which payment methods are offered.

The Spin Palace Casino website offers the option of depositing via credit and debit cards, including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro Card
  • Entropay.

In addition, you can try different ways that run through a bank transfer. This includes:

  • Sofortüberweisung
  • Giropay
  • Classic bank transfer

The Spin Palace Casino also offers the option of depositing money via e-wallets: Skrill 1-Tap and EcoPayz are mentioned here.

The last variant that is offered to transfer money is the prepaid variant Paysafecard.

The minimum deposit is over all payment methods at 10 €. So you can best find out which payment method is which you can reach the most. Unfortunately, it must be said at this point that the popular variant, with which PayPal can also be used for the transfers, is not offered. Nevertheless, we are finally very satisfied with the Spin Palace Casino, which aspects the opportunities offered to move his money.

The functionality of the page and navigation over this 7/10

As soon as you enter the Spin Palace Casino site, you can see that you can find your way around very quickly. The appearance of the website is quite modern and pleasant. The colors look very fresh and neither too bright nor too gray.

On the upper left side of the homepage you will find a small icon, which consists of three strokes. At this point you will find various information that can help you to better capture the details of the site provider. Nutrition information about Bonus, Loyalty program, casino games, bank, mobile casino and language can be viewed here.

At the lowest end of the page you will find all important licenses and symbols that indicate which devices, for example, the website of the Spin Palace Casinos website is available. In our very special case, this is the desktop PC, the tablet and the smartphone. In addition, you will find all the important links to the subject of responsible game and also the links to the area of the website.

On the page that presents the games on offer, everyone will find their way around very quickly. After all, there are different possibilities to make a kind of classification or categorization, with which it is then easier to find exactly the right game. The listing is based on both the topicality of the games and the type of game. We believe this is a reasonable approach to sorting through the games.

The relationship between information as text and also as an image is very good. The Spin Palace Casino does not kill you with information but threads it well into the website.

Our summary of the Spin Palace Casino

As we have already mentioned in detail, it is not easy to get into the big world of Online Casinos to decide. After all, there are already many. Only one of them to decide is not easy. Well, so that you have done it until the end of this article and have noticed all information on the way here.

The choice of choice of Spin Palace Casinos is certainly not irrelevant. The classic machine games are also available, as well as the conventional casino games. On Live Casino Area completes the offer in this segment and creates the possibility to provide the casino game with more tension.

It's also good that there is the Spin Palace Casino app. Because your own app enables you to take the joys of gambling with you on the go. The vast majority of games are therefore also optimized for your own smartphone and are just as much fun on the go as at home or even more.

Security is sufficiently taken care of here, as we found in the Spin Palace Casino test. Because SSL encryption protects sensitive payment data during its transmission. With the Malta Gaming Authority License, Spin Palace Casino shows that it is within the legal spectrum.

If you have any questions in this online casino, our experience shows that both the live chat and the e-mail form work wonderfully. The customer service is available 24/7.

The site is clearly structured. It seems like the operators of this site have looked carefully at the many casino sites that are out there to learn. We believe that this knowledge has been applied well.

So log in confidently and no longer wait with the registration. A tempting Welcome bonus is already ready for you. So you get on each of the first three deposits that you make, 100% surcharge and can get a total of a bonus amount of up to 1000 €!