There are now countless online casino portals, and many of them also offer the option of making sports bets. On our portal you will not only find casinos that offer sports betting, but also opportunities to compare them at your leisure. We have put all providers through their paces and put the most important facts under the microscope. We check:

  • the security and licensing,
  • the payment options,
  • the bonus program,
  • customer service - its helpfulness and competence,
  • The betting program (game offer) and
  • the odds (payout percentages).

Surely you ask yourself how we separate the good from the "bad" providers so as to determine the top casinos with sports betting offers. So that we can accomplish this, we use an algorithm and evaluate certain categories, each of them being weighted - depending on where players special value.

If you choose an online casino as a sports betting fan, you want to be sure that you can trust them. To do this, we carry out numerous tests and make a comparison that ultimately allows you to determine the portal that meets your needs and requirements.

In this field report, we not only show you which bonus offers you can expect from the providers, but also give tips that will help you win your bets and minimize the risk.

The traditional bookmakers like Sportingbet, Interwetten or Bet365 are certainly very popular with sports betting fans. But also many online casinos with betting offer can be added to the list of the best online sports betting providers. If you would like to combine sports betting with fun and success, then take a look at our comparison page.

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Online sports betting: the advantages

More and more people are turning to online sports betting and turning their backs on their bookies around the corner. Why is that? What distinguishes online sports betting providers? And why are more and more players placing their bets on the Internet?

The benefits of online sports betting have already convinced many sports enthusiasts so that they have opened an account with one of the bookmakers in the network.

Advantage 1: The betting odds

Online bets make it possible to compare the odds in advance and place the bet in the provider that offers the best quotas. There are now websites where the betting providers and their quotas are clearly presented. Thus, they spare the effort to access all sorts of portals individually to find out the best ratio.

Generally, online bookmakers offer better odds than the betting office around the corner.

Advantage 2: An extensive offer

Another aspect that speaks in favor of online betting is the extensive range of sports betting. While the betting office often only offers well-known bets, you can also bet on exotic sports, political events or other interesting things with providers on the Internet.

Advantage 3: Online bets are comfortable

No matter what the weather is out there - the corridor to the bookmaker is long. Drive several kilometers to place a bet? It is more convenient to deliver its bets in your own four walls, be it through the PC or the smartphone.

In addition, the domestic betting offices are subject to opening times. Not so the online providers. Here you can place your bets at any time.

Advantage 4: The betting bonus

It may not be forgotten that providers in the network often pay high bonuses if they make a deposit as a new customer. These are usually premiums in which the first deposit is doubled. But there are also interesting actions for existing customers.

Advantage 5: The limits

Online betting offices are also in terms of the limits. Here it is easier to complete small bets with, for example, 1 € or a bet of several thousand euros. Nevertheless, in the selection of the provider, you should keep your eyes open, because sometimes it happens that you can be downgraded to a profit fluid after a few. If you want to make high bets, then prefer reputable providers!

Choosing an online casino with a sports betting offer - you have to pay attention to that

There are a variety of factors that should be considered when selecting an online sports betting provider. For this reason, it is necessary that you do not make a premature decision. But as an unparalleled newcomer or beginner, the selection can become a true challenge. The reason is that there are many aspects that are to be considered when comparing the provider. Only if you think you all, it will be possible to find a suitable, reputable and lucrative bookmaker.

We point out a few things that you should definitely pay attention to when comparing different bookies:

The seriousness - licenses and certificates

When online gambling, the seriousness is an extremely important point. First of all, newcomers should pay attention to them. A serious provider may show a value-containing and valid license, which is preferably from Malta or Gibraltar. Some a few betting providers even have a permit from Schleswig-Holstein.

The betting offer: here has to be quantity and quality

Basically, it is important that the range of games not only fits in terms of quantity, but that the quality must also be checked. Anyone who is a volleyball fan, for example, should make sure that the sports betting provider is well positioned in this area. Usually a good bookmaker offers 25 to 30 sports. The more extensive the offer, the better.

The live bets: It has to be clear

Giving tips in real time means excitement. A quick reaction is required here, because the odds can change within seconds. It is therefore essential that the Live Center is well positioned so that you can place your bets promptly. Providers who offer the “one-click” function in the live betting area are particularly recommended.

The Odds: The Indicator Payroll Key

Good odds are an elementary prerequisite for high profits. Top bookmakers are characterized by a payout key of over 93%, although this can vary depending on the bet and league. Even if the differences seem minimal - this impression is deceptive.

Other important facts that you have to pay attention are:

  • Design - The ease of use of the website
  • Customer support - Live Chat, Indian-speaking and free
  • Bonus program - fair and transparent bonus conditions
  • Betting tax - Does it pay the customer or bookmaker?
  • Deposit and withdrawal options - Selection and fees
  • Mobile offer - the betting office in your pocket
First and foremost, the betting rate is the factor with which the player's use is multiplied to calculate the profit. The betting rate is determined by the bookmaker.

Example: 10 € insert * 1.80 quote = 18,00 € profit

The different quota formats: From Europe to Asia

Odds are part of every bet. This is usually the same format in India and Europe. The odds format represents the odds in a certain way. A distinction is made between the following types:

  • Dezimalquoten
  • American betting odds
  • English betting odds

Good online sports betting providers always give you the opportunity to adapt the quota format to your own needs. Basically, the format has nothing to do with the currency, but merely with the profit.

European betting odds / decimal odds

In Europe, betting providers show their odds in decimal form - with the exception of the United Kingdom. Only decimal digits from 1 to 10 are used for this. Usually there are two decimal places after the comma. With decimal odds, the stake represents part of the total winnings.

The profit is calculated by multiplying the quota with the use.

  • Calculation of the yield:
    • Stake € 50, odds 2.60
    • Stake * odds = profit / € 50 x 2.60 = € 130

In Europe, most betting providers offer decimal rates.

English betting odds

The British always give their betting odds in fractions, which are known as "fractional odds". According to the betting culture of the English, these have a great tradition. This quota represents a net quota. This means that the net profit is always shown here.

  • Calculation of the yield:
    • Insert 50 €, Quote 3/5 = 0.6
    • Use * Quote = Profit / 50 € x 0.60 = 30 €

The American odds

In American betting odds, it is important above all to pay attention to "+" and "-". This type of presentation is rare in Europe so that it is not very likely that you can start something with these odds. The sign indicates how high the yield can be done in a betting of $ 10. The minus sign, on the other hand, indicates how high the mission must be to win $ 10.

  • The calculation:
    • +50: Using $ 10 / Win $ 50
    • -50: Using $ 50 / Win $ 10

The Hong Kong odds

The name already reveals where these odds can be found. Hong Kong quotas are used primarily in Asia. Ultimately, they are also a kind of decimal odds - only that they don't include the stake.

  • The conversion is correspondingly simple:
    • Hong-Kong Quote = Dezimalquote -1
    • Dezimalquote = Hong Quote +1

The advantage of this quota format is that it is relatively easy to recreate the net profit or read it in the quota.

The different types of sports betting

Anyone who already deals with the market for sports bets knows that he is constantly growing and that bookmakers are constantly expanding their offer of betting options. But still sports betting are the most popular bets. Basically, there is a distinction between three different bet types, which can be subdivided, however, further:

Single Betting: The Easy Bet

Here is the arrival of only one event is bought. If the bet is placed correctly, the profit of the betting rate will be paid accordingly. The single bet is the simplest and most popular sports bet. For single bets, the profit is calculated as follows:

An example: a stake of € 10 at odds of 1.80 brings a profit of € 18. The net profit after deduction of the stake is 8 €.

This type of bet promises the best chances of winning, but the profit is limited by the corresponding odds.

The combination bets

Here you combine different events with each other. It does not matter if these take place simultaneously or whether the events are distributed over a longer period of time. It is only important that every single tip is gaining here - that is, the typed events must arrive. If that is not the case, you have lost.

The quota of the combination bet consists of the individual bets, which were combined with each other. It should be noted that a profit becomes less likely, the more single bets are combined on a combination.

The system bets

Here, too, several bets are combined into a combination. In this case, however, it is legal to lose bets. For example, if you tap the outcome of six football matches, the odds are also combined into one quota, as with the combination bet.

If you play a system bet "3 from 4", you must be right with only three bets to win. Any combination option is considered a combination bet and thus a mission is necessary. System betting are complicated and are only suitable for advanced sports weather. In addition, they are only worthwhile from certain minimum quotas.

In addition to these betting types, there are still special bets:

  • Livewetten
  • Handicap Laws
  • Asian Handicap Wetten
  • Long-term betting
  • Special and special bets

What is a value bet and how is she calculated?

The term "value" always falls in the search for a profitable sports betting strategy. But what do you actually have to do with the "value" and in which connection does this term with betting stand?

The key to successful betting is finding a value situation. Such is always spoken of when the odds offered by a betting provider correspond to a probability that is smaller than the actual chance that the result will occur.

This is best illustrated by a coin toss:

There are only two results on a coin toss: tails or heads. Certainly the coin could stay on its edge, but the likelihood of that happening is so small that this possibility is ignored.

So the probability that the coin will land on tails or heads is fifty-fifty. If you use this probability to calculate the odds, the following decimal odds for heads and tails would result: 2.00 and 2.00 (calculated from: 100%: probability = odds / 100%: 50% = 2.00).

Now let's go to the assumption that there are two bookmakers:

  • Bookmaker A gives odds of 1.90 and
  • Bookmaker B is a quota of 2.10.

The bet should be: The coin will land on your head! Which of the two bookmakers offers value? This can be calculated as follows:

The probability multiplies with the decimal rate minus 100%.

Bookmaker A Quote 1,90

Calculation of the value:

50% x 1,90 – 100% = -5%

Bookmaker B Quote 2,10

Calculation of the value:

50% x 2,10 – 100% = 5%

Because the first provider does not offer any real value with -5%, the bet should not be placed. Not so with the second bookmaker. It offers a value of 5% if the coin toss is upside down. Any sports betting fan would happily accept such a situation at any time, because there is a very good opportunity here for value.

How is a value found?

Online bookmakers are not interested in offering value betting. So how is it possible to find one? That is an everlasting question. Every sports bettor has to take on and manage this task himself if he wants to take on the bookie and make long-term profits.

Formula for calculating a value bet:

Value (Value) = (Quote * Probability in%): 100

If the value is greater than 1, you have a value bet that should be placed. The higher the value, the better.

Live sports betting: bets place the kick-off

With each online bookmaker, interested parties find a comprehensive portfolio of live bets. First of all, they do not differ greatly from normal sports betting, because almost every bet they find in the usual offer is also included in the live bets.

But there is a crucial difference: As soon as a sports event begins, it is still possible for live bets to give appropriate tips - and now the betting fun starts correctly. With live bets you have the opportunity to place your bets during the event.

This happens live, i.e. in real time. However, such bets are very fast-paced and therefore the odds are constantly changing. For example, if you bet on “a draw” even though team A is leading 3-0, you will get better odds than a short time later when the other team caught up 3-2.

This means that the sports betting providers constantly adapt their odds for live bets to the events of the event. The remaining playing time is also important. Because the closer you get to the end of the game, the sooner it is possible to place a profitable bet or to win your bet.

So when it comes to live betting, the trick is to get a feel for how the game is playing. The process of such real-time bets is therefore fundamentally different from pre-match bets (normal bets before the start). This is the reason why every player has to develop their own live strategy, which ultimately differs significantly from the usual betting pattern.

There is no live bet that does not exist

In the case of live betting, there are no limits to the creativity of the provider. The range of bets starts with a simple win bet, promotion and relegation bets through to the following questions, for example:

  • Which team does the first goal?
  • Who gets the next yellow or red card?
  • How many corner balls are there today?

This shows that live betting ensures optimal entertainment and excitement during a game. You don't even have to wait until the final whistle or the end of the event to see whether the bet was successful or not. Because some bets are decided a short time after they have been placed.

Such real-time tips usually offer all online sports betting providers. However, there are often very big differences in terms of the offer and quality of the bets. Some bookmakers set their focus on specific top events and others offer the opportunity to bet all major and insignificant events. In addition to the football bets, there is also a good sport mix with tennis, basketball, handball and motorsport. Even live bets on cricket, snooker and other edge sports are possible.

Cashout bets: Cash out the bet early

Cashout, ticket return, cash in or early payout - These terms describe and the same option: each placed tip can be paid out in advance, even before the actual billing period has come. But why is such an option offered and how exactly does a cashout work?

The CashOut function is a kind of insurance. It gives you the opportunity to pay off the already earned profits before the bet is lost through an unexpected result. At this point, it is important to mention that the paid profit in this case is lower than if the bet is held to the end. However, the advantage is that they are safe and that the profit can no longer be taken.

An example:

To explain more clearly what a cashout bet is, here is an example:

  • You play a combi bet with four games in the Bundesliga - two are Saturday games and two will take place on Sunday
  • The Saturday games are over and the remaining two will take place on Sunday.
  • The bookmaker now offers the opportunity to sell the betting chest. The sum he offers is based on the previous results and quotas of the still open encounters, with which they can pay the bet prematurely.
  • You have the option of choosing whether you want to continue playing or exit the bet without risk and thus make use of the cashout function.

As a rule, you can even wait until a few minutes before the final whistle to make use of the cash out function. But there are significant differences in the bookmakers and that is, not every provider allows their customers to permanently use this feature. There are even a few cases in which this option is not available at all, for example, if the encounter has already started. In addition, the bookmakers do not offer this type of insurance on all betting markets. So here is a closer look important.

Under the line, it is not so difficult to find betting providers who offer the cashout function as they have found enormous popularity with betting fans.

The most popular sports for betting

Probably bets are as old as humanity itself. Historists suspect that the first sports bet in history 676 BC. Chr. At an Olympics in old Athens was set.

Today there is almost nothing that you can not bet. From political events about horse racing to the question on which day the world goes down. In the latter bet, however, nobody has found a way, as the profit then is to be paid out, the world should actually go down on Tuesday. Significantly safer there are already sports betting and their popularity is already in the large number of providers where tips can be placed.

The vast majority is made up of football fans who have a keen interest in the Bundesliga and prefer to bet on clubs and thus on the games in the leagues. In addition, the Indian cup games and regional leagues are interesting for Indian betting fans, especially when the home club is playing. But many players are not only enthusiastic about Indian football, but also about the major European teams and international leagues, which is reflected in the betting offer.

In addition, the Champions League and the European and World Cup will be bet. Therefore, it is no wonder that the customer numbers and the revenues of the bookmakers are rapid to the big events in the height.

In addition, the following sports are charged:

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • ice Hockey
  • formula 1
  • American Football

E-Sports: A new popular type of sports betting

E-Sports is an even quite young trend that you can bet. By 2020, it is estimated that the global E-Sports bett market will be around $ 30 billion.

Many people have absolutely no idea what e-sports is about and therefore don't know anything about the associated betting options. The term e-sports is short for "electronic sports" and it refers to competitive video games. Basically, esports is nothing more than people playing video games against each other in competition.

Today there is a professional video gaming scene. For some very large competitions, the teams and players are priced in millions. Not only live audience is attracted to these competitions. Even fans look to and even transmitters like ESPN transfer the events on television.

If you want to take out bets on E-Sports events, it is essential to know the most important video games and have a good understanding of some of these games. Definitely, you can not make a profitable betting decision if that is not given. You do not have to be an expert, but it is important to understand how the games work and also some of the strategies should you know.

There are already dozens of E-Sports titles, but the majority of professional competitions will only be held with some important titles, as listed here:

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA)

Dota 2 Release: 2013

Available for Windows, OS X and Linux

A complicated game with steep learning curve and comprehensive gameplay. Dota 2 games are played with two teams with five players each. Winner is who destroys the main building of the opponent first.

League of Legends Published in 2009 from the developer Riot Games

The game is played with two teams with five players each. Each team chooses a champion that controls the game. There are over 130 champions in different categories, number rising. The goal is to destroy the "Nexus" of the opponent team. However, the goals are dependent on game mode and may vary.

Smite Released in 2014 after extended beta testing

Smite is played in many high profile esports tournaments. Here, players control mythological characters such as gods. There are several game modes, but Conquest is the most popular of all. The players form teams of 5 and compete against opposing teams. The aim here is to destroy the “Titan”.

Heroes of Storm Published by Blizzard Entertainment

The basic format follows the typical MOBA, in which teams of five players compete against each other. Each participant chooses a character whose skills can be improved during the game. The game goals are more varied than most other MOBAs.


Counter-Strike GO This tactical shooter has existed in several versions for a very long time and is published by Valve.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest and most popular game in the series. Two teams (terrorists and anti-terrority) each other. CS: Go is one of the most important games in the E-Sport world and in the betting industry.

Overwatch Published in 2016 by Blizzard, he was considered one of the best titles of the year.

A team based multiplayer shooter. Players work together here to achieve goals, such as securing and holding checkpoints or transporting goods.

Call of Duty The series started in 2003 with Call of Duty for Windows. It followed continuations and spin-offs for handheld and normal consoles. Since "Modern Warfare" is the plot of modern (from 2007).

In E-Sports competitions, the "Modern Warfare" title are played mainly.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight First publication 1995

Last publication: 2003

Plays in the fictional Star Wars universe. The series primarily focuses on Kyle Katarn, a former Imperial officer who becomes a Jedi and instructor at the Jedi Academy.

Sports and racing games

FIFA soccer One of the most popular sports games of all time, developed by EA Sports. In 1993, the original game FIFA International Soccer came out. There are now over 20 versions.
Rocket League The game is based on virtual sports with a little soccer ball and rocket propelled vehicles moving the ball back and forth. Featured in many esports competitions including ESL and the Major League GamingNBA.
NBA 2K Published in 1999

Last publication 2018

The NBA 2K series is a series of video games that simulate basketball. In each game in the series, two players compete against each other and take control of a team.

More games

Rainbow Six Genre: Online Shooter

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal

Released 2015

The main focus of the game is on the cooperation between the players.

StarCraft Published in 1998

Last publication: Starcraft Remastered (2017)

StarCraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows PCs on March 31, 1998. The game spawned the StarCraft franchise and became the first game in the video game series.

King of Glory Published in 2017

A multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Tencent Games for the mobile platforms iOS and Android, exclusively for the Chinese market. The international version of the game was released in 2017 as Arena of Valor with different content.

Clash Royale Clash Royale is a video game that is developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements from trading card games, tower defense and online multiplayer battle arena. The game was released worldwide on March 2, 2016.
Hearthstone Hearthstone is a free online collection card game published by Blizzard Entertainment. Hearthstone, originally with the subtitle Heroes of Warcraft, builds on the existing tradition of the Warcraft series and uses the same elements, characters and relics.
World of Warcraft World of Warcraft, short Wow, is an online role-playing game published in 2004 by Blizzard. It is the fourth published game in the Warcraft Fantasy Universe.
Paladins Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free online hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. The game was developed by Evil Mojo Games, an in-house Hi-Rez studio, and released in 2018 for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
Mortal Kombat Mortal Combat is a beat 'em up, originally developed in 1992 by the Chicago Studio of Midway Games and has a lot of popularity because of its explicit violence. The latest version is Mortal Kombat 11.
Brawl Stars Published in 2017

Brawl Stars is a supercell developed and published Mobile Freemium Multiplayer Arena Fighter / Party Fighter / Shoot-Up / Strategy Video Game. One of Brawl Stars's main features is the reward system. Depending on the game mode, players can achieve different types of successes.

Pub Published in 2017

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is an online shooter in which up to one hundred players fight in Battle Royale mode, a type of large-scale deathmatch in which the player fights for survival. The players can take part in the game either alone, in a duo or with a small team of up to four people. The last person or team still alive wins the match.

Modern Combat Modern Combat is a series of video games developed and published by Gameloft primarily for iOS and Android. All games in the series are played similarly to the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises and feature multiple missions in different environments with different tasks.

Complete sports betting - how does it work?

Basically, it's very simple to place a sports bet. The first thing you need is an online casino that also offers sports betting. In the next step you should familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and the rules of the provider. Only then should you start the registration process. Once you have opened your account, you can make your first deposit. Before registering, make sure that your preferred payment method is offered.

After you have made your deposit, you can choose your favorite sport and place your first bet.

Step by step to the first bet:

  1. Select a casino (betting company).
  2. Read the casino rules (T & Cs).
  3. Complete the registration process.
  4. Deposit funds using your preferred, safe and fast payment method.
  5. Choose a sport or competition.
  6. After analyzing the information about the upcoming event, determine the size of the bet.

Tips to successfully complete sports betting

Sports betting is not a game of chance, nor is it rocket science. Nor is it rocket science. In the end, the truth is somewhere in between. As is so often the case in life, everyone is the maker of their own happiness.

Tip 1: Choose a bookmaker without betting tax

In the Indian market in particular, you should try to find a bookmaker who will pay the 5% betting tax for his customers. When making your selection, also pay attention to how the individual bookmakers handle the betting tax.

Tip 2: Optimize profits through a quota comparison

If you want to approach sports betting professionally, then you have an account with various betting providers in order to benefit from the best odds.

Tip 3: create a knowledge advantage through specialization

Specialize in a sport or better to a league or competition. So you can analyze more precisely and have a knowledge lead and are even able to find Values.

Tip 4: The sports betting insert

How high should the stake be? That's a tricky question. Set up a capital and only invest a fraction of it in a bet. This value shouldn't be higher than a percent or two. Because success comes with time and not with kamikaze bets.

Common mistakes in sports betting

As it says so beautiful: "Made from mistakes". But that does not apply to sports betting. Surely you do not have fun if you lose permanently. Therefore, from the beginning you should try to avoid the most common mistakes when betting.

  1. Permanent bets on the favorite club
    Sports betting should be a hobby that is fun and enjoyable for you. It is certainly not forbidden to bet on your favorite club every now and then, because after all, there is nothing better than following your favorite and at the same time looking forward to a win. But be careful! Be serious about sports betting! In this case, the favorite club is left out when typing.
  2. You do not notice the Money Management
    There are still sports betting fans who completely refrain from creating a Money Management. They prefer to be here and there five, ten or even 50 € with the result that the account balance goes to zero long-term. Only if you work with a thought-out, defensive service plan will you be successful in the long run. As a rule of thumb: Never set more than one to two percent in the start time and never more than five percent of the total credit to a tip.
  3. Favorite bets are never the right way
    FC Bayern Munich always wins! That's not really to be denied at the moment, but this tip doesn't make any money. If you always tap the favorites, you end up in the red. Because the relationship between the probability of a win and the betting odds always speaks for the betting provider.
  4. You do not compare the betting odds
    Before you give a bet, you should perform a quota comparison. Which bookie offers the best quota for the tip? At first glance, the differences appear low, but on your player account will make the or minus rapidly noticeable.
  5. They do not conduct sufficient analysis
    Not doing a betting analysis is a critical mistake in sports betting. You see the odds, the belief in victory is there and the tip is placed - done. However, you can only successfully place a bet if you collect and evaluate all the information before the encounter.


The welcome bonus for new customers

Online bookmakers offer three different types of bonuses for new customers. The match bonus is the one that can be found most frequently, followed by the free bet and the cashback bonus. Each bonus is linked to a registration and a first deposit or a first bet.

Bonus match Here you get again 100% on your first deposit.

Example: The bonus is 100% up to 100 € and you pay 100 €. Then get another 100 € from the bookmaker, so you bet 200 €. One of the most common bonus forms.

Cashback-Bonus This bonus is offered less often! The difference to the match bonus is that you do not receive a bonus on your first deposit, but on your first bet.

Cashback means as much as "money back". You will receive the Cashback Bonus after you have placed your first bet - it does not matter if you win or lose them.

Deposit bonus The deposit bonus is nothing but the match bonus in the true sense. However, the percentage amount here is usually only 50%, rarely exceeds 100%.
Free Law This is a free betting balance that you receive for your first deposit. This freebet has a certain "betting credit" that you can use for your first bet.

Bonuses for existing customers

Sports betting providers differentiate between new and existing customer bonuses. The aim of the new customer bonus is to get potential customers to register with you. On the other hand, with the existing customer bonus, bookmakers pursue the goal of encouraging existing customers to make further deposits and stakes and, on the other hand, to encourage inactive customers to play again.

Reload Bonus Bookmakers offer such a bonus at certain events, for example the European Championship / World Cup or at interesting encounters. Most of the time a certain percentage is offered (25 - 100%), with which the deposit is increased.
Combination betting bonus With this bonus, the provider increases the attractiveness of the combination betting. Here is a distinction between two types of bonuses:

  • Combined percentage bonus - with which you receive a certain surcharge on your winnings.
  • Combined insurance - here you get your stake back in the form of cashback if you lose your bet.
Mobile bonus. Das Ziel ist hier, die Kunden zu animieren, mobile Wettmöglichkeiten per Smartphone & Co. zu nutzen. Mit diesem Bonus können Sie das mobile Angebot risikoarm testen.
Birthday bonus Such a bonus is granted

  • If you place your bets active in the provider for a year?
  • If you actually have a birthday.

For example, this could be a bonus credit of € 10.

Risk-free bets Very rare, but these bets do exist. You can use them to place a bet without any risk, with only the profit being paid out - the bonus amount remains with the provider.

The betting bonus without deposit

A no deposit bonus or no deposit betting bonus is the most popular among all sports betting fans. Immediately after your registration you will receive either a free bet or a certain amount that you can use to place your bets. So you don't have to make your own deposit in order to place your first real money bet.

To pay off a bonus and the associated profits, it is important to transform them into real money. For this, the player must fulfill the bonus conditions, which, among other things, specify a specific turnover with a fixed minimum quota.

The betting tax: it has had the Indian sports betting market under control since 2012

In 2012, when the federal government in India supplemented the racing betting and lottery law with the betting tax, the sports betting market underwent a huge change. Officially, all sports bettors, regardless of whether they bet online or offline, have to pay 5% betting tax to the tax authorities on every stake. However, since this is not feasible in practice, the state holds the sports betting providers liable as third party debtors. This means that every bookmaker who offers legally compliant sports betting in this country is obliged to pay this tax to the Indian state.

Facts around the betting tax

  • Anchored in the racing betting and lottery law
  • 5% tax on all inserts of Indian players
  • Every bookmaker is affected

The sports betting providers responded to the introduction of this tax. So some providers returned from the Indian market, which later returned, such as 888 and William Hill. Others lowered the quota level or tried to catch the economic additional burden due to other measures. But most providers reacted a short time after the introduction and gave the costs, at least partially, to their customers.

Nevertheless, many bookmakers presented themselves completely tax-free until the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 and paid the 5% betting tax out of their own pocket. But the number has decreased extremely until today. If you are looking for a “tax-free” provider, you have to switch to smaller betting providers. Three tax models have now become established:

Betting tax from profit Betting tax on tip Tax-free betting
Use: 100 €

Quote: 2,0

Gross profit: € 200

Betting tax: € 10

Payment: 190 €

Use: 100 €

Betting tax: € 4.76

Net use: 95,34 €

Return: 2.0

Payment: 190.48 €

Use: 100 €

Return: 2.0

Gross profit: € 200

Betting tax: -

Payout: € 200

However, there are also providers with special billing models where, for example, a certain number of bet selections are tax-free for combination bets or where betting may be tax-free on certain days.

The payment methods

The decision as to whether you choose one provider or the other goes hand in hand with the choice of payment methods. Reputable bookmakers offer their customers a wide range of safe, fast and convenient payment methods. We would like to bring you closer to the advantages and disadvantages of the most important payment methods.


The American payment service provider has become one of the most popular on the Internet. With this e-wallet you can pay quickly and securely online. PayPal has a very good reputation and more and more sports betting providers are cooperating with the payment provider for deposits and withdrawals.

benefits disadvantage
  • Safe and fast
  • Buyer protection (does not apply to sports betting)
  • Accepted by many shops
  • PayPal checks the provider before a cooperation - therefore twice as secure
  • There are charging money
  • It is an account necessary


A UK payment provider (previously Moneybookers) that is also safe and fast. Here, as with PayPal, you do not have to give your bookmaker any bank or credit card details.

benefits disadvantage
  • Fast deposits into the betting account
  • Account details remain anonymous
  • Fees may apply
  • Prepaid variant - here must be money on the account
  • Skrill is often excluded from bonus offers


Founded in 1999, the payment service provider has become a world leader. Currently, Neteller is represented in over 160 countries. Not only can you pay online, but with bank card all over the world withdraw with EC machines money - a credit card is also available.

benefits disadvantage
  • Bank data remain anonymous
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Own credit card allows you to use the account offline
  • There are charges
  • Deposits are often excluded from bonus offers

Visa and MasterCard (credit cards)

They are among the most common payment methods online. Visa and MasterCard are among the largest credit card providers and are usually accepted anywhere. Payments by credit card are uncomplicated.

benefits disadvantage
  • Fast deposits
  • High security
  • Accepted by all bookmakers
  • Fees may apply
  • Payments are not anonymous


A prepaid variant where you buy your credit in supermarkets, kiosks or petrol stations. The card is given a numeric code that you enter online to make the deposit. The money appears in the player's account within a few minutes.

benefits disadvantage
  • Fast and easy deposits
  • Bank account remains anonymous
  • No payouts possible
  • Max. 1.000 € are possible


An online payment method that was developed in 2006 for easy, fast and secure payments. Well-known financial institutions such as Sparkasse, Postbank or Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken are behind the procedure.

benefits disadvantage
  • Money is instantly available online
  • Online banking via your own bank account
  • Not every bank offers Giropay
  • TAN generator or TAN-SMS procedure necessary
  • Bank data does not remain anonymous

Which payment method ultimately is the best, there is no clear answer. This is about your own requirements and your needs.

Place with Apps sports betting mobile

Internet and cellular networks were already connected to one another in the 1990s. This created the prerequisites for the first smartphones and mobile surfing. This innovation has become a trend to this day. From 2010 the online betting providers gradually ventured into the mobile Internet. Almost every bookmaker now offers their entire betting program for mobile devices.

With the help of the native app - especially for Android and iOS - or specially designed mobile websites, you will always stay on the ball and never miss a bet. The latter alternative in particular is independent of the operating system, so that you can place your bets on the go even with Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

The first steps for the mobile betting

  • Download the SportsBetting app of the respective provider from the AppStore
  • Alternatively, you can call up the provider's website with your supplied browser
  • Log in with your data or register yourself as a new customer
  • Get your mobile bonus (new customer bonus or mobile bonus)
  • Place your bet on the go

Free mobile betting and the mobile bonus

You can even test the mobile betting offer for many providers, unless a special bonus is offered. For example, that could be a cashback premium that comes to payout if you lose your bet. Or you will receive a mobile phone bonus, which will pay for payment regardless of the outcome of the bet.

The difference between totalizator and bookmaker

Comparative criteria Tote Bookmaker
Coefficients (factors) There are no coefficients.

The weather results are calculated individually for each draw.

Fixed odds for each bet market.

The payment is made with success of the bet.

Win (hit) Depending on the number of suspected events, the winners and the total amount of bets placed. Depending on coefficients.

Profits are calculated for each event that is betting that is charged.

Types of available bets The player can only bet on the markets offered by the bookmaker. These are usually the main results and the exact score. All types of bets are available for all markets. You can complete a bet without restrictions.
Match selection Only football and horse racing. Lots of available events from soccer to esports and political events.
Jackpot availability Yes, an additional amount that will be given away if all events are correctly predicted No
Amount of profits The total of all betting payments is evenly distributed to the players who have typed the minimally required number of results. The amount of the bet is multiplied by the coefficient of the selected outcome.

Glossary: All important concepts around sports betting

Sports betting with fixed quotas

The sports betting providers work with so-called fixed odds until the day of the match, even on the day of the event. However, these can then change up or down. Therefore betting experts work with short, medium and long-term strategies in order to benefit from the betting odds of the bookmakers in as many cases as possible.

Bet with value (value bet)

Among them is a quota understood, which is clearly about the expectation. If a result is calculated with a 50% opportunity, each quota of over 2.0 is a bet with value - a value.

Bookmaker margin

The bookmaker margin is the profit margin or the gain of the betting provider, which is included in the quotas.

Bankroll Management

With Bankroll Management, the sports weather ensures that he always activates his assignments in relation to the credit on his betting account. A good guideline as a bet for a bet is between 1 and 2% of the competitive care.

Asiarisches Handicap / Asian Handicap (AHC)

A popular betting variant, especially when the two teams are playfully far apart. A team goes into a fictitious deficit or lead, which opens up new betting opportunities.

Combination bet / combination bet

With these bets, several bets are combined on one betting slip. The odds are added up and so the player gets excellent opportunities to win. But the risk is that if you make a mistake, the entire bet is lost.


With this type of bet, the player makes use of the different odds of the bookmakers at an event. Especially with less important games or leagues, the odds of the providers are different, so that such a bet is an option. It is important to know here that the offers are only valid for a short time and that the bookmaker quickly adjusts the odds in this area.

Over / Under bet

Thus, bets are meant to bet on over or below 2.5 (the number may vary). In such bets, the number of goals refers to the whole game and not only on one team. With a bet "over 2.5", the encounter must be at least 3: 0 or 2: 1 - that is, at least three goals must fall.

Cash Out

This function gives you the option of selling your bet early, i.e. before the end of the event. You do not have to wait for the settlement, but can arrange for your winnings to be paid out in advance. It is sort of an insurance policy if you think the bet does not turn out as expected. The payout depends on the current score and the amount of the bet.


A derby is an encounter of two teams from the same region. Mostly these are real rivals. Well-known derbies are, for example, the FC Schalke against Dortmund or Cologne against Mönchengladbach.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

⏩ Can I also share sports betting in all online casinos?

No, many online casinos also focus on casino games today and do not offer sports bets. If you want to combine both playing opportunities, casino and sports betting, you have to specifically look for a casino side with sports wet section.

⏩ Can I still bet in all sports bets even if the game is already running?

That depends on the respective sporting event, the respective bet and the platform itself. If you want to bet especially during the games, you should look around for an area with live bets, where everything is designed for bets during the live game.

⏩ There are free bet exhibitions on the internet?

Basically, one has to win for the chance to gain real money with a bet, of course, even self-real funds use. If you want to bet on the Internet without your own deposit, you have to look for a game side with no deposit bonus, which is also suitable for sports betting.