The best iPay online casinos

Hardly any other company is as interested in the loyalty of its customers to the brand as Apple. Once Apple - always Apple is the motto. One of the company's latest inventions also fits in with this. With Apple Pay, a new payment method appears on the company's product range for all customers, which offers exclusive advantages if you use the company's products.

Straight Online Casinos are now offering this means of payment more and more frequently. The reason: simple and secure payment. We were interested in the advantages and disadvantages of this new method. We have compiled for you what came out of our research.

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Deposit and withdraw with Apple Pay in online casinos

The simplicity of payment is the main argument for using this new payment method. Because with just a few clicks you can pay safely and quickly here. The procedure is roughly comparable to that of PayPal. That is, Apple Pay serves as a platform, from which you can make transactions. The money stays with and comes from its preferred bank with which the payment method is connected. How exactly is that, we will explain to you below.

Open an account with Apple Pay

The prerequisite for using this payment option is that you have an Apple device. These include Mac, iPhone and iPad as well as the Apple Watch. The corresponding application can be found on these devices by default. All you have to do is set up an account in it. In order to be able to pay with the application, the bank still has to agree. However, not every bank currently supports Apple Pay.

In order to give you an overview of cooperating financial institutions, we have put together a selection of the most famous banks and credit card companies for you.

  • comdirect
  • HypoVereinsbank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Kick
  • American Express
  • N26

Other banks are still announced for this year, including the Indian savings banks.

If your bank supports the payment method, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the application on your preferred device.
  2. Link your debit card or credit card by adding your card to the Apple Wallet. To do this, you must meet the specific requirements of your bank in order to activate Apple Pay as a secure means of payment.
  3. Your card is now stored in Apple Wallet and can be used for payment.

Charging the player account with Apple Pay

If an online casino offers payment with this method, the options for charging depend on the device you are using. Since you cannot play in online casinos with the Apple Watch, we have taken a closer look at payment with iPhone, Mac and iPad here. Basically, it works just as easily on all of the devices mentioned.

You can click on the selection option "Apple Pay" in your internet game room. Then you will be asked for an identification. Now you can either recognize yourself via touch ID or Face ID. Here are the individual methods at a glance:

Touch ID

To pay with a Mac, you need the possibility of Touch ID. Here the fingerprint is scanned by you. This function only receives who logs on a user account. Also over most current iPhones the purchase can be completed with a fingerprint.

Face ID

You can use Face ID via the iPhone (from iPhone X). She scans your face to verify the transaction.

If you have identified yourself on the devices, the payment is already completed. This saves time-consuming intermediate steps such as password or answer security issues. The amount of money you are released is deducted from your map stored in the Apple Wallet. The company works here only as an intermediary between bank and online casino and stores no bank details.

Payments with Apple Pay

Unfortunately, the function for paying out via Apple Pay is not yet available in India, even if the transfer of money via the service provider is already possible in other countries. For players in online casinos, the function therefore only serves as a simple introduction to the game. If you win on your gambling portal, you will have to use another means of payment in order to be able to have the money transferred to your bank account. Here, Apple Pay in all its simplicity is currently still below expectations.


As a rule, the customer does not incur any fees for using this method. Still, your credit card company or the bank that uses them may charge you a fee. In any case, you should clarify this with your bank in advance.

Can Apple Pay also be used on the go?

The main argument for the new form of payment is the simple mobile payment. Because that's exactly what it was developed for. The purpose was to develop an alternative that would make the annoying entering of passwords or memorizing PINs superfluous. The verification on the Apple device via fingerprint or face recognition makes everything much faster and that with the same guaranteed security. Fast depositing via Apple Pay is particularly useful if you want to be active in your virtual arcade while on the move.

Bonus offers for the Apple Pay payment method

Since the method is currently not so often found in online casinos, there are no Bonusangebote. Especially available for this remedy. But that will change safely when Apple Pay continues to grow as fast as it is currently doing. We have gathered a selection of virtual game banks that currently accept the new means of payment.

How sure Is Apple Pay?

The payment method is considered particularly secure due to its modern security barriers. With this option there is no need to enter passwords or PINs. The verification takes place via face recognition or the fingerprint. Methods that are otherwise only used by the police to uniquely identify a person. You can hardly ask for more security in use.

Depositing using this method also has the advantage that customers do not have to disclose account details to Apple. It is used solely by the bank. The company does not save any of your personal bank details. One or the other customer may be relieved because the company is otherwise particularly data-hungry.

The only one who has Apple, but are your personal biometric data: fingerprint and facial features. But this must be mentioned that whoever uses the latest Apple devices, his data is already available to the company at the general application via fingerprint and Co.. Apple Pay is only a further step of this company to use such data.

Worth knowing about the payment service provider

The company Apple Inc. is certainly the world's leading company in innovation at the interface between design and handling of online equipment. Since 1976, Apple has been growing and is now available in one or the other form in every modern household. With Apple Pay, the brand now prevails in a field that is consistently aligned with its clientele. Because as mentioned above, customer loyalty has top priority at Apple.

Apple does with its new payment form industry sizes like PayPal competition, which in turn is just back from gambling. Especially where security and anonymity is important in Online CasinosSo it is hardly surprising that Apple Pay is currently conquering the market.

Information about payment service provider Apple Pay
Company name Apple Inc.
Headquarters Cupertino (CA), USA
Industry Hardware, software development, online trading
regulation no information
founding 1976
founder Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne
CEO Tim Cook
Employee 123.000
Supported currencies Depending on your used bank / credit card institute
Customer service Hotline: 0800 6645 451,
App and
Fees for buyers none
Seller fees none

Conclusion: advantages and disadvantages of Apple Pay online casinos

Virtual gambling halls using this payment method have many advantages. Because here the most modern safety standards are combined with the simplicity of Apple products. The numbers in virtual play halls is simple, swift and safe. Nevertheless, no payouts about this method are possible, which makes it quite unattractive for both customers and online casinos.

benefits disadvantage
  • High security
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively anonymous
  • No payment possible

Alternatives to Apple Pay

The biggest disadvantage of this payment method is currently still possible that no payouts are possible. To counteract this shortcoming, you must have a second payment option in Petto as a customer. Of course, here are the classic payment routes such as bank transfer or credit card payment.

However, if you don't want to forego convenience and ease of use, e-wallets such as Skrill and NETELLER or the paysafecard Alternatives that you can consider. They also offer external platforms as a mediator between bank and online casino, which can be easily achieved but providing security against foreign access.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use Apple Pay with an Android smartphone?

Since Google is the harshest competitor of Apple, Apple Pay is currently not usable on Android devices. The reason for this is that Google has also developed its own payment method, Google Pay. This prevails between the two industry sizes a pretty bitter war for supremacy with Indian customers. Conversely, Google Pay is available on iOS. Whether this circumstance remains so and whoever can ultimately enforce with the customers will have to show the future.
Is there a limit at Apple Pay?

With this payment option you can only make between 1 € and 3,000 € to deposits. In addition, there are the limitations of the individual casinos, which can also limit the deposit height. Mostly it starts here at 10 € minimum deposit. The maximum depends on the respective Casinoportalen.
Which devices can I use Apple Pay in casinos?

The numbers with this method works with the devices iPhone via Face ID (from the iPhone X) or the iPad Pro. Via Touch ID you can already use the payment method from iphone SE. Also on the Mac you identify yourself via touch ID.