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If you look at the official partners of the payment provider MuchBetter on their homepage, it is hard to miss: The focus of this company is on sports and gaming. As the official partner of West Ham United FC, an English premier club, and with the official MuchBetter ambassadors, the Pokerstars Lex Veldhuis or Felix Schneiders, the company presents itself as an accomplished expert on its clientele. But what does the payment provider really have to offer especially for players in online casinos?

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The MuchBetter payment method is a prepaid payment service, comparable to paysafecard. That means, before you can pay with the provider, you have to top up your account with credit. You also need to register as a MuchBetter customer in advance. What is behind the method and whether paying with this method in online casinos is really as much better as the website claims, you can find out here in our report.

Deposit and pay out with Much's

In order to be able to use the payment method, you absolutely need the provider's app. It can be downloaded free of charge from popular app stores for all smartphone types. If you have stored your data with MuchBetter and uploaded credit to your account, you can use it in a great many virtual gambling halls numbers. In the following sections we will explain exactly how all of this works.

Account opening at Much's Better

To open an account with this service provider, you need a few more data as usual. Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Download the app and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Log in to the app by specifying your mobile number as well as the place of residence and your age.
  3. Set up a security question. You can choose between a PIN, a fingerprint and the FaceID, provided your smartphone allows this.
  4. Verify your account with a selfie or passport photo. In individual cases, the provider also asks for a registration confirmation.

Next, the first charging of your MuchBetter account is followed by credit. The following steps are needed for this:

  1. Open your account via smartphone.
  2. Choose between the different deposit methods that you usually pay online with. Here are the methods supported by the service provider:
    • Standard transfer
    • giropay
    • Immediately
    • Credit card
    • Bitcoin
    • CashtoCode
  3. Pay the desired amount to the customer account.

There are currently no charges for topping up. An exception is the virtual currency Bitcoin, where MuchBetter withholds 2% of the transfer amount from you.

Topping up the player account with MuchBetter

In order to be able to pay into online casinos with the credit amount on the account, you first need an account at your preferred internet gambling hall. Make sure the casino offers MuchBetter as a payment method. Most casinos list the accepted payment methods in the footer (bottom of the page).

After selecting MuchBetter as a payment method, the following is usually required:

  1. Enter your mobile number and the desired deposit amount. Attention: When the mobile number, you must specify the country code (without the 0 in advance).
  2. Click "Submit".
  3. The app of your smartphone will now receive a message in which you will be asked to confirm the transfer.
  4. If the information about the transaction in the message is correct and you have sufficient credit on MuchBetter, log into the app and confirm the payment amount through your selected security barrier.

    Payments with Much Better

    An important point for all players is the possibility of having the online casino make withdrawals via the selected payment provider, because the goal is to win when playing. You can receive payouts from your gambling hall via MuchBetter. Unfortunately, not all of them offer Gambling portals This possibility also on. If the method is not mentioned in your favorite scasino or only as a deposit option, ask the customer service of the game room afterwards.

    A withdrawal follows the same pattern as a deposit:

    1. Select MuchBetter as the withdrawal method.
    2. Choose the payout amount you want to take from your player account.
    3. Enter your mobile number in the field and send the request.
    4. A message from the app will now be confirmed.

    It should be noted, however, that a payment from the MuchBetter account is assigned to your private bank account with fees. More in this section.


    A transaction from the MuchBetter account to an account of the same provider does not require fees. This makes the payment system perfect for online casinos, unless the arcade has registered as a dealer. For payouts outside the MuchBetter universe, however, fees come to you. For example, with a payout of your profit to a private bank account. Here is an overview of the payout methods that may accept Much Better according to the website, including the fees and payout limits.

    Payments fee Withdrawal limit
    SEPA bank transfer 2% 20€
    Yandex 2,5% 10€
    Interac e-transfer 4$ 20€
    Bitcoin 2% 30€
    Wire Transfers 50€ 2% 250€

    If you want to deal with the high payout fees, the MuchBetter MasterCard may offer a solution for you. To do this, transfer your credit to the prepaid card that the company offers as another payment method. You can do this worldwide disbursements via ATM (ATM). The fee is 0.99% of the payout amount. So you can get better payout conditions with the card than about the bank transfer. The free prepaid card you apply for the provider in advance with your ID card.

    Can Muchbetter be used mobile too?

    MuchBetter can only be used on the go, as it can only be accessed via an app. As with other providers, you cannot log on to the MuchBetter website. Everything at this company works via smartphone: registration, verification and security. MuchBetter accepts Android (from version 5) or iOS (from iOS 9 and higher). Desktop PC, laptop and Windows Phone are not currently supported.

    So, for example, you play about your desktop in your gambling portal, you must have your smartphone at hand if you want to make payments.

    Bonus offers for the payment method Much Better

    Currently we are not known to us special casino bonuses for this payment method. Nevertheless, you should always look for advantages in payment or on the action page of your gambling portal. Anyone who is already a customer at MuchBetter, but will have noticed the loyalty points. It is rewarded who pays with the service provider. Each transaction is remunerated with points.

    The higher the score, the greater the chances of winning the raffle via the MuchBetter network. Because once a week, MuchBetter raffles € 100 among customers.

    How safe is MuchBetter?

    Since the provider relies entirely on the MEDIUM smartphone and only available as an app, the question of security is very important for many customers.

    First of all, the external charging of an online account offered as needed above all an advantage: the private bank account is not used. If a fraud attempt with Much's or the online casino will be successful, you only lose the amount that you have previously paid. The method already offers protection for players.

    But Muchbetter also ensures security. Looking at first the login procedure on the customer account, the common security precautions are made by the payment service provider. In addition to a valid e-mail address, the customer must also have a photo. And even with payments on or from Much's binds, modern safety barriers such as PIN, Faceid or fingerprint are used. These arrangements are still underpinned by sending activation codes, for example when registering via a second mobile device.

    Nevertheless, the smartphone is in the center of the security concept of this company. This can be stolen and chopped. In addition, one hears again and again by security gaps just when using apps. Here you also have to be active as a customer and bring your device to the latest safety level, which many players do not know. When using this payment method, you should always keep this in mind.

    Worth knowing about the payment service provider

    Even if the company behind the MuchBetter brand, MIR Limited UK Ltd, has only existed since 2011, the provider can already be found in many online casinos, and the trend is rising. The proximity to the main clientele, bookmakers and online casinos, is also evident on the payment service provider's website, where all dealers are listed. We have already listed a selection of the most famous names in the text above.

    Much Better has already won numerous awards for its online solutions. Underneath the Payment Innovation of the Year 2018 prize at the best payment awards. Most recently, the company won the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Awards (MPE Awards) the Best Startup Innovation Award 2019.

    It remains to be seen whether the payment service provider can establish itself outside of the games industry. However, since PayPal is slowly withdrawing from the gambling halls as its main competitor, there is still a lot of room for improvement for MuchBetter.

    Information about payment service provider Much Better
    Company name MIR Limited UK Ltd
    Headquarters London, England
    Industry Financial service
    regulation FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
    founding 2011
    founder Israel Rosenthal, Jens Bather
    CEO Israel Rosenthal
    Employee no information
    Supported currencies no information
    Customer service [email protected]
    App MuchBetter App
    Fees for buyers None
    Seller fees None

    Conclusion: advantages and disadvantages of MuchBetter online casinos

    Virtual gambling halls with Muchbetter as a payment option is currently spreading rapidly. However, if it is worth paying for you to pay, depends on the use of which you wish and what effort do you want to operate. Sign in and deposit on the MuchBetter account brings a certain effort for many customers. However, charging your player account itself is very simple - if you feel safe with payments via smartphone. Here we have gathered all important points again for you.

    benefits disadvantage
    • No transfer of bank details to the online casino
    • Simple payment via smartphone
    • State-of-the-art safety technology with magic and fingerprint
    • To find more virtual arches
    • Loyalty rewards for MuchBetter customers
    • Security depending on your smartphone safety standard
    • It takes a lot of time to register and top up regularly

    Alternatives to MuchBetter

    There are a few other options for paying via an external provider who not only pays you directly into the gambling portal but also protects your anonymity. One of the most famous is natural PayPal, a service provider, which was particularly attractive for players in online casinos through the additional buyer protection. But the provider has no longer offered its protection for gambling since 2016 and at all of them is currently visible from the industry.

    Another option are prepaid cards like that paysafecardwhich are activated via codes. But there are no payouts possible. Need an all-round service, the offers of ecoPayz An alternative that makes you a prepaid card as well as an account similar to Much Better. This can also be paid out. However, since EcoPayz is not yet offered nationwide, remains to be seen as the landscape will look like in the future in payment methods. Fact is: It is just very much on the market.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    What fees does MuchBetter charge?

    The service provider currently does not charge any fees for maintaining an account via the app, and deposits and withdrawals are also free of charge. However, when transferring funds to external accounts and converting currencies, the provider adds fees.
    Where can I get the MuchBetter app?

    The site of the service provider is available in all common app stores - both in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, since you are not running on Windows Phone, you are currently not available in the Windows Phone Store.
    Which online casinos accept MuchBetter?

    Always more Virtual play halls Take muchsbetter as a payment method. However, many offer their customers only as a deposit method. However, those who officially register as a dealer in the provider can also pay out. Which online casinos are currently listed as a dealer at MuchBetter, you can use the official homepage discover.